Readers and collaborators.

To our readers and collaborators:

Nowadays, it is a privilege to pursue science and research; they have become spaces, where there is no last word. They are spaces of constant disagreements and dialogues. The advancement of knowledge itself has become a premise for the approach and solution of new problems in various areas of knowledge; new dilemmas where the most important thing is not to solve problems, but to place on the scientific scenario new arguments and rationales.

Social motives, that stimulate the construction of new scientific paradigms, extend from the need to face challenges of daily life and from the search for positions in the world of science and professionalism that takes place in many areas of the human activity.

Education, Politics and Values ​​are topics where the discussions are made most critical, as they constitute spheres of activity to which society presents to them systematic challenges and the assignment of not only to contribute to the solution of many conflicts humanity faces today, but also to take a responsible attitude in making decisions concerning these issues.
The damage to the environment and the environmental education, the strategies for the education of the people, the challenges of dealing with the competence formation, the modalities of continuing education, the scientific research itself and the approaches to complex epistemology, the needs generated from the local political administration and its interaction with the global problems of mankind, the migration issues, the problems arising from cultural diversity and the rapprochement of cultures, the social impacts of technological development and its entanglement with social life, the social learning generated by the technological development, the formation of values ​​and their association to the areas of research, policy, management and education, among others, are issues that our collaborators tackle in articles widely and that we all can enjoy reading and facing them up.

A controversial environment, a constant dialogue and the proposal of interesting new topics and considerations characterize "Contemporary Dilemmas: Education, Politics and Values" e-journal, which aims to be a vehicle to give continuity to the scientific search and where there will be space to comments regarding the articles published, to the enrichment of ideas, to the discussion of interesting events, and to a collective learning.

We invite you to participate.

The Director of the Journal.