Year VI, Special Edition, July 2019.

Contemporary dilemmas: Education, Politics and Values journal is pleased to present to its readers and collaborators the Special Edition July 2019, where 35 articles are published, results of the scientific production of research professors from 9 countries such as Azerbaijan, China, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Iran, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia and Slovakia.  Thank you very much for your preference with our journal.

1. TITLE:  Information-educational environment as means of youth extremism prevention: theoretical aspects.  AUTHORS: Olga V. Ivanchuk,  Ruslan V. Zabirov. ABSTRACT: The attraction of the young generation to different types of extremist organizations and groups is one of the serious challenges of our time. This article describes the possibility of applying the so-called "environmental approach" to develop new means to prevent juvenile extremism. In our opinion, the specially designed educational and information environment of an educational institution has a great pedagogical potential and a positive effect on the personality of the students. To develop such an educational environment, we have: 1) summarized the experience of the predecessors in the field of methodology to create an educational and information environment; 2) outstanding invariant components of the educational and information field, and 3) highlighted the pedagogical conditions to form components of such scope. KEY WORDS: extremism, youth extremism prevention in an educational institution, information-educational environment. RUSSIA.

2. TITLE: Investigating the motivational and barrier factors of the participant in Continuing Education Programs of Mazandaran Medical Community and its related agents. AUTHORS: Mostafa Ataei, Maryam Javadian, Mohammad Khodemloo, Hasan Siamian, Saeid Saffarian Hamedani, Farshideh Zameni. ABSTRACT: Continuing education is essential for all learners in order to increase their level of scientific, technical and practical knowledge of new techniques and new direction. This was a cross-sectional study. The population was 784 people.  By using the sample size formula, 338 people were selected. The research instrument included a valid check list. For data analysis the SPSS software was used. Results showed that the apprising motivation had the highest level of significance about 86.5%. Out of the five inhibiting factors only cause of inappropriate time holding of the programs had obtained the highest significance of p = 0.01. In order to enhance the efficiency of such training, it is essential to increase the organizational motivation of participants in different ways. KEY WORDS: Allied Health Personnel; Continuing Education; Motivation; Physicians. IRAN.

3. TITLE: On the problem of teaching students of medical universities to solve problems on biophysics. AUTHORS: Olga V. Ivanchuk. ABSTRACT: The study addresses the problem of teaching students of medical universities to solve problems on biophysics, particularly forming the methods of solving problems on biophysics among the future doctors. Special attention is focused on the need of specially organized work on the assimilation of activities directed at developing mathematical model of problems and their solving with the usage of advanced mathematics apparatus. In this regard, types of problems were established according to the applied methods of mathematical analysis and generalized systems of actions for developing the mathematical model of these types were identified. KEY WORDS: method of teaching biophysics, application of advanced mathematics, solving problems on biophysics. RUSSIA.

4. TITLE:  Speech disorders appearing in training and their stylistic traits. AUTHOR: Narghiz Hajiyeva Musa. ABSTRACT: Speech disorders in training appear for different reasons. These defects are not only conected with physiological and mental diseases but are also stipulated with changing of sense and condition of a person temporarily in certain situation. The conducted linguistic analysis showed that stuttering, which is a type of speech disorder, appears as a result of the cases like elongating and blocking of voice. It was defined that elongating of vowel sounds and repeating of consonent sounds, more exactly, blocking of them are more characteristic at the beginning of words. This feature must be considered in the educational work and linguistic analysis. KEY WORDS: speech disorders, stuttering, speech blockages, elongating of vowel sound, repeating of consonent sound. AZERBAIJAN.

5. TITLE: Mentalization and Reflective Functioning: emergence and development in clinical psychology. AUTHORS: Fatemeh Abbasi, Mohammad Ali Goodarzi, Mehdi Reza Sarafraz. ABSTRACT: This study is aimed to define and explore the emergence and development of mentalization and reflective functioning. Reflective functioning is referred to the psychological processes that are substantial for mentalizing. This is a review study. As results, mentalization and reflective functioning are different from other terms relating to understanding the mental states such as thoughts, feelings, desires or goals. Moreover, mentalization and reflective functioning are different as a matter of evaluating this characteristic. Deficit in mentalizing and reflective functioning results in fundamental interpersonal problems. Since mentalization or reflective functioning is a capacity that one is forming and developing from birth through the relationship with others and its deficit undermine the disturbances, it is crucial to be considered in research and clinical practice. KEY WORDS: mentalization, reflective functioning, clinical psychology. IRAN.

6. TITLE: Simultaneous Interpretation Quality Assessment. AUTHOR: Pavol Štubňa. ABSTRACT: The quality of interpretation training can be notably raised through setting clear evaluation criteria and achievement standards which teachers must follow and students must meet. Theoreticians, as well as experienced interpreters, are constantly questioning the exact standards for assessing the quality of interpreter´s performance. According to some of them, there are quantitative features that can eventually be converted into qualitative criteria. The study discusses several existing models in this regard, as well as the author's original proposal based on findings in cognitive neuroscience. KEY WORDS: simultaneous interpretation, quality, evaluation, criteria, perspective. SLOVAKIA.

7. TITLE: The main aspects of the problem of sex and gender elements of the structure. AUTHOR: Gizkhanim Nizamaddin Gahramanova. ABSTRACT: The article deals with the problem on the organization of the situation of conduct in the context of normative ideas about the actions and attitudes corresponding to the category of belonging to a particular gender. The theory of social construction of reality and gender systems consider gender as a factor of socialization of society, allowing to preserve and develop cultural values. Also, the problem of gender is defined as a community activity on gender attribution, which reproduces the relations of discrimination and inequality, and is a process that never stops. KEY WORDS: gender ideals, gender entity, differences sex, gender, culture. AZERBAIJAN.

8. TITLE: Alcohol consumption as a determinant of Russian population mortality. AUTHORS: Svetlana A. Vangorodskaya, Inna S. Shapovalova, Anastasiya V. Kisilenko. ABSTRACT. The article covers the impact of alcohol consumption on mortality rates in Russia. It is shown that it is the state's interest in making a profit from the alcohol sales that has become one of the reasons for the inefficiency of numerous anti-alcohol reforms. The main areas, where the main state’s efforts to reduce alcohol consumption in Russia should be concentrated, are singled out. It is concluded that it is necessary to take into account the national peculiarities while implementing state measures of anti-alcohol policy. KEY WORDS: alcohol consumption, mortality, cardiovascular diseases, external causes of death, working-age population. RUSSIA.

9. TITLE: T he book of “Dede Gorgud” in Azerbaijan poetry with human values.  AUTHORS: Nizami Muradoglu, Meleyke Memmedova. ABSTRACT: The book “Dede Gorgud” remains a scientific problem in the mutual investigation of the independence period Azerbaijan poetry and folk activity. The learning of the problem and educating the young generation in the spirit of Gorgud is an important mission. The book might be the main factor for getting human values and becoming stronger of their psychical preparation. Researches have shown the learning of the characters of the book of Gorgud has strong influence on the forming of the young generations’ social life strategy. Using the characters and motives of  Gorgud most poets try to show being close to the folk literature by the style of poetical thoughts. In the article, the poems have been analysed that written in this spirit, its artistic and scientific value have been investigated. KEY WORDS: Azerbaijan, Dede Gorgud, poetry, folklore, poem. AZERBAIJAN.

10. TITLE: Poetry of W. Whitman in the literary-critical interpretation of K.I. Chukovsky. AUTHORS: Dmitry N. Zhatkin, Svetlana N. Morozova. ABSTRACT: The article considers K.I.Chukovsky’s specific literary criticism of poetry by W.Whitman. In the process of analysis, we use historical-literary, socio-cultural, historical-cultural, comparative-typological, historical-genetic and biographical methods of investigation. K.I.Chukovsky was one of the first domestic critics to respond to the work of W.Whitman – first with the articles in «The Odessa News» (1904), in the newspaper «Freedom and Life» (1905), in the literary and journalistic collection «Mayak» («Lighthouse») (1906), and then with a review of Russian translations, published in «Libra» (1906) under the title «Russian Whitmaniana». KEY WORDS: Russian-American literary and historical and cultural ties, translation, evolution, cosmism, transformation, tradition, intercultural communication. RUSSIA.

11. TITLE: On the issue of transformation ideologies in the context of evolution of North Caucasian poetry. AUTHORS: Yu. M. Thagazitov, F.T. Uzdenova, R.A. Kerimova, M.H. Khulchaeva. ABSTRACT: The article deals with the problem of the relationship between the artistic and ideological in the evolution of North Caucasian poetry, little-studied by national cultural science and literary criticism. The authors propose their understanding of the transformation of ideologeme as a conceptually-integral national-literary system. The scientific novelty and relevance of the article are determined by new provisions for the North Caucasian literary criticism. The schemes of organic interweaving of reflective elements aimed at creating a suggestively significant poetic world view are also considered. The authors of the article believe that the poetic experience of Zuber Thagazitov, Ibragim Babaev, Halimat Bayramukova combine in a single artistic image the holistic expression of structures of different genesis, it is the basis for studying the further development of national ethical and aesthetic thinking. KEY WORDS: poetry, ideology, national literary system, ethical and aesthetic values, transformation. RUSSIA.

12. TITLE: Presentation of Direct and Indirect Speech in H.M. Naqvi’s Home Boy: A Corpus Based Study. AUTHORS: Uzma Sadiq, Masroor Sibtain. ABSTRACT: The paper endeavors to find out the presentation of speech in H.M. Naqvi’s novel Home Boy. The study is corpus based and limited to the investigation of direct and indirect forms of speech only. The frequencies of both the categories have been analyzed through quantitative measures and their function in the selected corpus has been discussed qualitatively. Findings revealed that the direct form of speech is more frequent as compared to indirect speech that results in immediacy and dramatization in the novel. KEY WORDS: discourse presentation, direct speech, indirect speech, stylistics, fiction. PAKISTAN.

13. TITLE: Names of months and national linguistic picture of world on material of karachai-Balkarian folklore and literature. AUTHORS: Mussa Bahautdinovich Ketenchiev, Aminat Taubievna Dodueva, Fatima Taulanovna Uzdenova, Sahadin Magametovich Khubolov. ABSTRACT: The article is devoted to the multidimensional analysis of the archetypal names of the months in the language. The ethnocultural labeling of the months’ names is revealed and seen referring to the texts of folklore and fiction. There is a conceptualization of such important components of an innocent picture of the world as time, tradition and activity, determining that practically all archetypal month’s nominations appear in the works of historical and ethnographic orientation. Nomination of months is connected to ancient beliefs of the Karachai-Balkarian ethnos, dating back to the period of paganism and Tengrism. Artistic works dedicated to the people life in the past, marked by intertextuality and saturated with lot of ethnografisms, reflect various ethnocultural realities of the Karachay-Balkarian ethnos. KEY WORDS: Turkic languages, folklore, vocabulary, months’ names, language picture of the world. RUSSIA.

14. TITLE: On the question of the Karlsbad text in Russian poetry. AUTHORS: Nikolay L. Vasilyev, Dmitry N. Zhatkin. ABSTRACT: The article comprehends the authorship of an anonymous poem «The wild life do we lead in Karlsbad…», distributed in Russia in the lists in the middle of the XIX century. In the process of studying, we use socio-cultural, comparative-historical and historical-typological methods of research, as well as methods of comparative analysis. The authors put forward an idea that this playful work is written by P.A.Vyazemsky, which is confirmed by new archival data. KEY WORDS: Karlsbad, Russian poetry, chronotope, reminiscence, P.A.Vyazemsky. RUSSIA.

15. TITLE: The Topic of “Karabakh” in the Azerbaijani Poetry. AUTHOR: Najafova Marziyya Allahyar Gizi. ABSTRACT: The article mainly describes artistic gatherings which were created, developed and formed in Karabakh at the beginning of the 19th century. It provides interesting information about Karabakh poets who were upbrought by the artistic gatherings like Majlisi-ums, majlisi-faramusham. Their poems devoted to Karabakh are being analyzed, emphasizing the role of the poetry of the 19th century in contributing to the development of the Azerbaijani poetry from the 90s up to nowadays, noting the difference between the poetry of the 19th century when Karabakh was the centre of art and that of the 20th century when Karabakh was invaded. The templates which were cretaed during the 90s were analyzed, being topic palette and peculiarities of the 90 the essence of this article. KEY WORDS: Karabakh, poetry, war, motherland, artistic gatherings. AZERBAIJAN.

16. TITLE: Impact of nuclear war on South Asia: an analysis. AUTHORS: Nawab Sher, Rizwana Jabeen, Sayeda Daud. ABSTRACT: During the past decade, effects of a nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India have been anticipated by a computer model. It predicts the physical impacts of the nuclear exchange, if a nuclear war occurred between Pakistan and India, or if even a major city in both countries has been attacked, will be devastated. The study is aimed to find the use of the nuclear weapons in the turbulent region of South Asia between Pakistan and India. As we know that both countries, Pakistan and India, are democratic countries, and as compare to India, Pakistan democracy is new, it has successfully completed a decade now. Elections center on bread-and-butter problems; so, it is not possible for a political party to discuss nuclear policies amid the election crusade. KEY WORDS:  destruction, Pakistan, instability, nuclear safety, NUKEMAP. PAKISTAN.

17. TITLE: Indo-USA nuclear deal: implications for Pakistan. AUTHORS: Rizwana Jabeen, Muhammad Arif Khan, Nawab Sher. ABSTRACT: The USA-INDIA civil nuclear agreement or Indo-US nuclear deal was watershed in this relationship of both USA and India, as it has set a new era of strategic partnership between these two countries apparently aimed at meeting the future energy requirement of India. This study would thus seek to substantial the afore-stated apprehensions, their implications for Pakistan and would suggest a viable course of action in order to offset this imbalance. For this study, the descriptive research method within the longitudinal time frame would be employed. The research would be mainly based on secondary source of data and will support its findings primarily through a mix of qualitative and quantitative research method. This unit of analysis would be state, regional and international level. KEY WORDS: Nuclear Supplier Group, Nonproliferation Treaty, International Atomic Energy Agency. PAKISTAN.

18. TITLE: The Benazir murder case: a literary survey of the investigative news and research report (from years 2007 to 2008). AUTHORS: Sharjeel Naveed, Huma Nisar, Noreen Aleem, Syeda Maliha Begum. ABSTRACT: Investigative reporting is believed to be the backbone of journalism. It brings the truth in focus, laying behind the story; therefore, investigative reporting holds great importance among the masses. This job is done by the investigative reporter. Journalists of the Washington Post Mr. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein wrote the true story about "Water Gate Scandal" and president Richard Nixon's forced resignation. Positive changes can be brought into society through such reporting. Therefore, the chain of inquisitive tragedies such as the murder of Liaquat Ali Khan, the military attack on Egypt from Israel, Pakistani support to Israel and UK, defense agreement with the USA 1965 war with India, the war of 1971 and separation of East Pakistan, and many others took place in the history but the people of Pakistan never got to know the truth except for rumors and fake news. KEY WORDS: Investigative reporting, Scotland Yard, General Pervez Musharraf, Benazir Bhutto. PAKISTAN.

19. TITLE: The impact of Pragmatism in Iran's foreign policy and its role in the Middle East after the Arab spring. AUTHOR: Mohd Khier Aljarwan. ABSTRACT: This article reviewed the role of pragmatism and its position in Iran's foreign policy and regional role by analyzing the internal and external determinants and changes affecting Iran's foreign policy and its role towards the Middle East and the Arab region, where Iran has many historical, social, cultural and economic extensions that link it to the region, as well as the principles and ideological and national bases that govern the trends of the regional and external role. It is discussed the role in the period before and after the Arab Spring. The most important result reached is pragmatism is an integral part of Iran's foreign policy until it emerged in the early stages after the revolution. KEY WORDS: pragmatism, Iran, foreign policy, Middle East, Arab Spring. RUSSIA.

20. TITLE: The Political Institute of the state in the context of the historical and typological análisis. AUTHORS: Valentin Ya. Lyubashits, Nikolay V. Razuvaev, Irina E. Abramova, Natalya V. Fedorova, Benedyk Y. S. ABSTRACT: Article is devoted to problems of structuring state created history taking into account variety social, political, forms, various speed of a political genesis. Problems of allocation of development stages of the political organizations (statehood) taking into account uncertainty of the general units of the analysis, terms and concepts of rather various paradigms of structuring and a periodization of history are considered. It is shown that the decisive force causing transformation of all other public sectors is growth, distribution and deduction of a dominant position of the most effective in the conditions of this period of a political regime. KEY WORDS: typological analysis, potestarny structures, historicism, Kondratiyev’s paradigm, political regime. RUSSIA, UKRAINE.

21. TITLE: The role of Germany in Iran's relationship with the European Union. AUTHORS: Seyyed Masoud Mosalaei, Masoud Motallebi, Amir Hooshang Mirkooshesh. ABSTRACT: The European Union is probably the only intergovernmental organization in the world, whose relationship is as important as the relationship with its member states. This issue shows the role of a powerful and influential country in the union to strengthen the relationship between Iran and the European Union. Relations between Germany and Iran have long and fluctuating history. The main purpose of this study is to examine the role of Germany in the relationship between Iran and the European Union. The scientific method of this research is descriptive-analytical method and data collection is accomplished using library resources. The findings confirmed the research hypothesis: Germany, as an important and strategic actor in the European Union, has the interface role between Iran and the European Union. KEY WORDS: Germany, European Union, Constructivism Theory. IRAN.

22. TITLE: Role of Common Interests in Promoting China-Iran Cooperation in the Middle East after the Arab Spring. AUTHORS: Xiang-yun Meng, Mohd Aljarwan, Fatemeh Atrisangari. ABSTRACT: With the beginning of the “Arab Spring” in December 2010, many changes occurred in the Middle East. These changes include the emergence of new players in the Middle East, some of the strongest powers – Russia and China. As we know, before the Arab Spring, the Middle East can be said to be the USA’s sphere of influence. Within the region, Iran’s influence has increased several times. This article will analyze the reasons for the rapid development of China-Iran relations by enumerating the common interests of China and Iran. The authors believe that although China and Iran are strengthening cooperation in various fields, there are still many difficulties in achieving further development of their relationship to the strategic level. KEY WORDS: Middle East, Arab Spring, common interests, Iran, China. RUSSIA.

23. TITLE: The principle of sustainable development as a factor of economic growth in the region. AUTHORS: Olga E. Kovrizhnykh, Irina N. Vyachina, Ilnaz F. Gazizov. ABSTRACT: The authors present an analysis of the principles of the formation of sustainable development and the factors of economic growth in the region, considering the opinions of scientists and representatives of economic science. It is determined that the main problem of the sustainable development of the Russian regions is the lack of practical actions and the absence of a multivariate scenario of the development of the territory. It is concluded that the current stage of modernization of the Russian economy, aimed at creating an economic, political, social and other internationally competitive sense of the country, is not possible without guaranteeing the growth of the welfare of its population, being necessary to restore growth economic for access to sustainable development with strategic planning. KEY WORDS: Sustainable development of the region, sustainable development system, regional economy, economic growth, development efficiency. RUSSIA.

24. TITLE: Interaction of cultures of China and Russia on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation in the conditions of globalization. AUTHOR: Yan Shufang. ABSTRACT. In this article, we examine elements of the cultural compatibility of China and Russia. The results showed that the Development of Chinese-Russian relations depends on a set of factors among which cultural are especially of great importance; now became possible essentially a new model of the relationship of two cultures - mutually beneficial cooperation with maintaining specifics of each of cultures. KEY WORDS: culture, interaction, traditions, cultural compatibility, symbolic, Chinese culture. CHINA.

25. TITLE: Communication aspect of the brand positioning of fuel and energy field companies. AUTHORS: Yu. Bezborodova, A.Ye. Belkova, L.N. Builushkina. ABSTRACT: This article covers the issue of the communication aspect of the brand positioning of fuel and energy field companies. this article covers the process of the formation of the communication concept of brand positioning of the fuel and energy field companies.  translate into the content of communication material. Results showed that the formation of the communication concept of the brand positioning must take into account the research data of human resources and public opinion, the attention has to be paid to the development of journalistic material that features the means of resolution of strategic issues regarding the concept of brand positioning. KEY WORDS: brand positioning, communication campaign, fuel and energy field company, communication strategy, communication. RUSSIA.

26. TITLE: Quantifying resolution of labor disputes. AUTHORS: Alexander Rymanov, Irina Bocharova. ABSTRACT: The article examines the contradictions in the field of labor relations and the modern ways of solving them in Russia. Special attention is given to preventive resolution as the least controversial. The study shows that to increase the efficiency of labor inspection in the Russian Federation in the context of limited budgetary sources of financing, it is necessary to expand the scope of activities of the Labor Office. It is also advisable to adjust the priority activities of labor inspections, mainly in the direction of the implementation of preventive activities. The article summarizes the international experience, the best practices in the preventive activities of labor inspections in different countries of the world. KEY WORDS: labor, mediation, labor inspection, conciliation, resolution. RUSSIA.

27. TITLE: Formation of coalition forms of organization of economic entities. AUTHORS: Alexey Karpovich, Alexander Rymanov. ABSTRACT: The article proposes a certain approach to structuring the concept of a coalition/association, within which a formalized description of the conditions for the formation of associative structures is given, which make it possible to increase the economic sustainability of its members while maintaining market openness. KEY WORDS: coalition, stability, equilibrium, effectiveness of coalition decisions, liability insurance. RUSSIA.

28. TITLE: Methodological approach to determine job satisfaction and professional trajectories of nursing graduates. AUTHOR: Xochitl Cuevas Bahena. ABSTRACT: This article mentions the strategy that made it possible to develop an instrument that determined the degree of job satisfaction and typified the professional trajectories of graduates of the Nursing Degree of the Autonomous University of Guerrero (UAGro), using a quantitative, descriptive and analytical methodology, classified in two categories; on the one hand, the professional trajectories proposed by Jiménez (2009) that were adapted for the construction of the instrument, and on the other hand, aspects of the theory of the two intrinsic (psychological) and extrinsic (socioeconomic) factors proposed by Herzberg, were taken up again. The aspects that were included in this instrument are the physiological aspects of nursing professionals. KEY WORDS: job satisfaction, professional trajectories, nurses, measurement instruments. MEXICO.

29. TITLE: Evaluting the risks of using the principles of value engineering in implementing civil projects. AUTHORS: Youssef Nikfard, Mahdi Baniasadi. ABSTRACT: In this article, we tried to evaluate the most important risks of the application of civil projects and to prioritize them based on the identified risks, and then provide solutions to address these risks. The results of the research show that the six main factors (1) the general factors, (2) the factors of the law, (3) the structural factors, (4) the factors of the field of advisers, (5) the factors of the phase of the preparatory studies, and (6) factors of the phase of value engineering studies are considered as the main risks identified in the application of value engineering in civil projects. KEY WORDS: management, risks and obstacles, utilization of value engineering, civil projects, Topsis Multi-criteria Decision-Making Methodology. IRAN.

30. TITLE: Internal and external organizational factors in the occurrence of crimes in insurance industry. AUTHORS: Hosseinreza Delfn, Qobad Kazemi,  Mohammad Javad Jafari. ABSTRACT: The main question of the research is Is it possible to design a model for crime prevention in the insurance industry? The research method is Delphi and survey experts from the Central Insurance Institute of Iran, technical officers of insurance companies, judges of justice and experts in accidents, and police and teachers were selected as informants as theoretical saturation. The study was conducted using a questionnaire tool and a semi-structured interview. The results showed that in the design of the model, the factors that influence the prevention of crime in the field of insurance are divided into two categories of organizational and internal factors, respectively. KEY WORDS: Insurance crime, crime prevention in insurance, proficiency, organizational factors, defect of laws. IRAN.

31. TITLE: Dynamic production in a world class with native structure. AUTHORS: Seyede Nahid Karimi Kasvaei, Abbas Tolouei Eshlaghi, Changiz Valmohammadi. ABSTRACT: In view of the unavoidable process of globalization of production and industry, our producers, in turn, have inevitably to reform their traditional, inefficient, and ineffective ways of past and adopt a new approach to production policies. Policies focusing on technology, customer orientation and elimination of activities that do not add value. In this study, factors affecting world-class production can be identified using the Delphi method. Data collection method, in addition to the library method is also field. In this research, history and various models designed in the field of production in the global class are presented and analyzed. In this research, experts from the Iranian gang industry and university professors have been assisted. KEY WORDS: world class, production model, world class manufacturing, Fuzzy Delphi, Industry. IRAN.

32. TITLE: Development of information support for the national system of innovative entrepreneurship. AUTHORS: I.A. Khasanshin, A.B. Shtrikov. ABSTRACT: The document addresses the issues of supporting investment in infrastructure in regions and indicates that it is necessary to form national and regional innovation systems to accelerate investment activity. A regional innovation system model including a coordination center based on e-government is proposed and the expected results of implementation are indicated. The main functions and processes of the infrastructure of innovation system are considered and the effectiveness of creation of innovative enterprises, commercialization of the results of scientific activities and provision of services to business are analyzed. The interrelation of support subsystems of innovative enterprises with government bodies, business, scientific and educational institutions is considered. KEY WORDS: enterprise, infrastructure, innovative entrepreneurship, regional innovation system, socio-economic system. RUSSIA.

33. TITLE: Social entrepreneurship as a promising way to economic security. AUTHORS: M. V. Golovko, S. P. Agapova, A. V. Antsibor, A.A. Sukhoveeva, O.V. Andreeva. ABSTRACT: This study is relevant because of the significant capability of the social entrepreneurship to ensure economic security of the state by solving social problems. The concept and essential features of social entrepreneurship are studied with the historical and genetic method.  Activity approach provided the basis to explore social entrepreneurship as a specific kind of human activity.  Statistic procedures enabled to make sense of the social entrepreneurship development figures.  The article considers different approaches to the phenomenon social entrepreneurship and the need to render it with a separate law is substantiated. KEY WORDS: state support; public support; governmental support; non-profit sector. RUSSIA.

34. TITLE: Optical Mark Reader System (OMRS) using Web Based Image Scanners. AUTHORS: Kamil Dimililer, Getinet Amare Mekonnen. ABSTRACT. In this paper, a new system is proposed by using image processing techniques. The proposed system has eight types of scoring sheets and its own unique barcode to classify them. The scoring sheet contains 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 80, 100 and 125 questions with 5 choices in each. This system has two types of users where first one feed sheets and can see OMR result, and the second one only sees OMR results. The proposed system sends the recognized scoring sheet by bordering the answer area with different colors; these are green border for correctly marked answers, red border for duplicate marked answers, and yellow border for totally unmarked questions. Results obtained show that the proposed system takes scoring sheets and produces results with letter grade and equivalent numerical letters. KEY WORDS: image processing, optical mark recognition, scoring sheet, web-based Application. CYPRUS, ETHIOPÍA.

35. TITLE: Psychological problems of the tendency towards suicidal behavior in adolescents. AUTHORS: Azimova Aygun Sulhiddin. ABSTRACT: The article is dedicated to the study of psychological issues of the tendency towards suicidal behavior of adolescents. Key focus of the article is to detect the impact of depression, aggressiveness and the level of anxiety on the suicidal behavior. For this, experimental and control groups were used. After measurements, enlightenment works were carried out with adolescents and it was determined that there is a significant relation between depressive condition, aggression, the level of anxiety and tendency towards suicide. Normalization of psychological condition of an adolescent enables to avoid from suicidal behavior. KEY WORDS: adolescents, suicidal behavior, depressive condition, tendency towards suicide. AZERBAIJAN.