Year VI, Special Edition December 2018.

Contemporary Dilemmas: Education, Politics and Values is pleased to present to its readers and collaborators the Special Edition December 2018 where 96 research works are promoted results of the scientific production of research professors from 10 countries such as Finland, France, Poland, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Slovak, Republic of Tatarstan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkey and United States of America. Thank you very much for your preference with our journal.

1. TITLE: Principles of realization of the Polycultural Educational Model of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Fine Arts. AUTHORS: Lyajsan H. Kadyjrova, Elmira G. Akhmetshina, Timur R. Kadyjrov, Igor A. Peremislov. ABSTRACT: The article addresses the development of an educational and methodical complex on Fine Arts for the initial classes of comprehensive schools of the Republic of Tatarstan and its implementation in the "Polycultural Educational Model as a training base", in the project "Russian Civil Identity of integral school students". This idea is defined by a problem of awareness of the child as a carrier of the national culture in the preservation of interest, tolerance and respect for the art and culture of other people, as well as by the orientation to national cultural and artistic traditions and worldwide, taking as a basis "Tatarstan-Russia-world", which provides the opportunity to understand that he is a citizen of his homeland and the world. KEY WORDS: education, fine arts, polycultural education, art education, polycultural educational model. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, USA.

2. TITLE: Organic metaphor in the pedagogical discourse of German and Russian. AUTHORS: Elena A. Tulusina, Golshat R. Safiullina, Eva Lelakova. ABSTRACT: The metaphorical models in a pedagogical discourse of the German and Russian languages became a subject of real research. The analysis of the metaphorical concepts of a pedagogical discourse in these languages makes it possible to draw conclusions about the functioning of organic metaphors. Training ideas are based on the idea of growth as a quantitative change, improvement and development as a high quality change. The metaphorical model "the study is a growing organism" in German and the Russian pedagogical discourse indicate that education is productive, bears fruit and feeds the person. This metaphorical model emphasizes the naturalness of existing processes and laws in the educational area. KEY WORDS: organic metaphor, pedagogical discourse, German, Russian, education. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, REPUBLIC OF SLOVAK. 

3. TITLE: Influence of social determinants in the development of the cognitive needs of talented adolescents as an educational environment. Some aspects of the problem. AUTHORS: Flera G. Mukhametzyanova, Tatyana V. Bashkireva, Anastasia V. Bashkireva, Ramil R. Khairutdinov, Leila M. Mukhtarova. ABSTRACT: The article presents the study of social determinants that influence the development of the cognitive needs of talented adolescents as subjects of the educational environment, in order to identify some aspects of the psychological and pedagogical support of their development, where a school teacher should understand their characteristics and social needs. The study showed that teachers and adults teach on the basis of the determinism principle as subjects of the educational environment. In this regard, the potential capabilities of adolescents and their achievements in various fields of activity are not sufficiently appreciated. The study was about significant indicators in the identification of social problems that adversely affect the development of the cognitive needs of adolescents. KEY WORDS: talented adolescents, cognitive development, psychological and pedagogical support, subject of the educational environment, model of support. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

4. TITLE: Modeling the organization of independent work in Higher Education based on the Competence Approach. AUTHORS: Guliya N. Akhmetzyanova, Angelina O. Bagateeva, Elena A. Kasatkina. ABSTRACT: Currently, the role of independent work, its forms and content have changed due to trends in higher education based on the competency approach. The term "independent work" is considered as a planned educational process, internally motivated and carried out by the students in the classroom and extramural. The stages of the self-study are determined in the article. The article presents a model of organization of independent work in higher education, based on the competence approach and its structural components. The relationship between all the components is defined. The result of the developed model provides a high level of self-training and can be used to organize similar educational systems of independent work organization. KEY WORDS: independent work, modeling, higher school, competence approach. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

5. TITLE: The preparation of future teachers to design their life trajectories in the context of new educational strategies. AUTHORS: T. P. Belikova, L. I. Dotsenko, T. A. Syrovatskaya, L. V. Buraya. ABSTRACT. The paper deals with the problem of preparing future teachers to design their life trajectories in terms of the implementation of modern educational strategies. The foundation has been laid for the development of a new direction - the construction of the educational process at the university in the context of the life of the future teacher. A description of the theoretical approaches and directions of preparing students for the design of life trajectories is provided. KEY WORDS: educational strategies, life trajectory, life strategy, purpose of life, attitudes and ideals of life. RUSSIA.

6. TITLE: Comparative analysis of indicators of psychological readiness for the innovative activity of secondary school teachers with different professional experience. AUTHORS: Sergey I. Maslakov, Nina V. Shitova, Tatyana I. Stepanova, Alexander D. Pechenskikh. ABSTRACT: This document deals with the results of the analysis of the problem of the psychological readiness of secondary school teachers with diverse professional experiences for innovative activities. This study includes a brief theoretical analysis of concepts such as psychological readiness and innovative activity in the pedagogical process; it indicates the main age stages of teacher training and provides a comparative analysis of the empirical data that characterize the psychological readiness for innovative activities of various groups of secondary school teachers. KEY WORDS: psychological readiness, innovative activity, secondary school teachers. RUSSIA.

7. TITLE: Methodology of interaction between the human and social environment development indices. AUTHORS: Vladimir A. Morozov, Zukhra R. Ziganshina, ABSTRACT: Physical and spiritual health are enduring and vital values that are at the top of the hierarchy of needs, which have a great impact on the quality of labor resources, labor productivity, production of the country's national product and national wealth of the states. The article includes the use of both empirical and theoretical cognition methods and aims to reflect the level and quality of life of the population in the public environment. The functional formalization of groups of public health indicators by levels of compatibility is presented, and the statistics on groups of indicators characterize the quality of life of the population and are constructed in a hierarchy of the spiritual and psychological group. KEY WORDS: methodology, indices, human interaction, social environment, compatibility. RUSSIA, REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

8. TITLE:  Research about the attitude of Primary School students to modern digital technologies by means of Zoo Metaphors.  AUTHORS: Flera G. Mukhametzyanova, Oksana A. Zherebnenko, Ludmilla B. Kusnetsova, Elena A. Venidiktova, Ruslan V. Zabirov. ABSTRACT: El artículo se dedica al análisis de la actitud de los escolares respecto a las modernas tecnologías digitales a través de metáforas de zoológicos, lo que hizo posible resaltar que los alumnos más jóvenes en su mayoría asocian Internet con animales salvajes, depredadores y fuertes; por ejemplo, un rey de bestias en su hábitat (tigre, oso, león). Los niños más pequeños en la escuela asocian a una computadora con mascotas (gato, perro) como algo conocido, familiar, comprensible, amigable y que también trae alegría. Los hallazgos del estudio muestran que los animales asociados con las tecnologías digitales son más consistentes con las ideas de los niños sobre los animales ideales y los animales más similares a ellos. KEY WORDS: modern digital technologies, primary school, zoo metaphor, self-image. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, RUSSIA.

9. TITLE: Information-Network Technologies In Teaching Foreign Languages. AUTHORS: Flera G. Mukhametzyanova, Evgenya V. Gutman, Olga L. Panchenko, Elena A. Venidiktova, Afsana Isa kyzy. ABSTRACT: The document describes the process of introducing information network technologies in the field of education in the process of teaching foreign languages. The authors conclude that in recent years information technology (IT) has influenced and increased the quality of education, as well as the cognitive activity and motivation of students in the learning process, noting the teachers a significant saving of time. The results of the study allowed concluding that network technologies can provide the individualization of training, develop students' autonomy and creativity, and provide access to new sources of educational information, among others. KEY WORDS: information technologies, network technologies, education, training in foreign language. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

10. TITLE: The interactive and independent work of students in their training in French language on the basis of "flipped classroom" technology. AUTHORS: Elena K. Kuzmina, Gulnara I. Nazarova, Liliya R. Nizamieva, Cécile Leblanc. ABSTRACT: The article considers the application of the flipped classroom in a university for the teaching of languages. This is used as a means of stimulating the motivation, cognitive independence and activity of students in the process of mastering a foreign language at a professional level. The research was applied in the discipline "History of the French language" in the foreign language (French) students of the Federal University of Kazan. It is concluded that this educational technology develops critical thinking of students, due to the nature of the problem of learning tasks, increases the responsibility of students, as well as their capacity for self-organization, among other aspects. KEY WORDS: educational technology, Flipped classroom, history of the French language, individualization and differentiation of learning. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, FRANCE.

11. TITLE: The motivation as a driver of the psychological preparation of the students of the Faculty of Law for their future profession. AUTHORS: Karina A. Ainoutdinova, Irina N. Ainoutdinova. ABSTRACT: The study is due to the changing conditions that influence the living and working environment of modern society, which update the need to reform the higher education system in Russia due to the demands of a high level of professionalism among the future specialists The role of motivation in the psychological preparation of law students for professional activities is analyzed and the correlation between the level of preparation for the future legal profession and the content of professional training in the university is analyzed. The study is applied within the framework of social, pedagogical, integrative and competence approaches, covering all aspects of the academic activities of law students, including their professional training. KEY WORDS: education, motivation of students, psychological preparation, professional activity, professional training. REPÚBLICA DE TARTARISTÁN.

12. TITLE: Characteristics of poor behavior in the context of the legal theory of marginality: the issues of legal psychology. AUTHORS: Ravya F. Stepanenko, Roman A. Romashov, Eduard V. Krasnov. ABSTRACT: The article studies destructive models of deficient behavior by applying an interdisciplinary approach that includes the socio-psychological aspects of the behavior characteristics of individual subjects of legal relationships. Marginal behavior causes anxiety, restlessness, conflict, frustration, and in its extreme manifestations, aggression and self-aggression distorts their legal conscience and determines a predisposition to crimes. Socially negative factors such as indifference and alienation from the system of regulation of values justify provisions on the susceptibility of subjects with abnormal behavior and whose situation (position) marginalized predisposes them to commit crimes, including crimes. There is a need to study the specific, social and psychological mechanisms for the formation of this type of non-legal behavior. KEY WORDS: isolation, marginality, frustration, aggression, abnormal behavior. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, RUSSIA.

13. TITLE: Criteria of justice of punishment and its individualization. AUTHORS: Karina A. Ainoutdinova, Alexandra Yu. Bokovnya, Fedor R. Sundurov. ABSTRACT: This article analyzes criteria of justice and individualization of punishment and highlights that the ideas of humanization of criminal punishment are increasingly recognized and predetermines the need to reform the criminal law in the context of the consistent implementation of the proportionality requirement of a crime and the punishment, assuring their impartiality and convenience. The authors perform a comparative analysis of the criteria of impartiality and individualization, and indicate their non-coincidence. In his opinion, the individualization of punishment determines and implements only one aspect of the justice of punishment, determining that the criminal legislation of the Russian Federation has a certain bias in the individualization of punishment in the direction of its mitigation. KEY WORDS: nature and degree of public danger, the identity of the perpetrator, differentiation and individualization of punishment, criteria for individualization of punishment, purpose of punishment. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

14. TITLE: To the question of the protection of Real Rights. AUTHORS: Zamira A. Akhmetyanova, Kirill V. Gladilin. ABSTRACT: The article summarizes theoretical and methodological issues of the study of real rights, as well as presents a general description of property laws, reveals their legal nature and the forms of occurrence and implementation both in Russian law and in foreign countries. The study exposes the mechanism and makes conclusions on the protection and defense of property rights, and includes not only legal means, traditionally known as the methods of protection of civil rights, but also the same property norms. The document carries out the analysis of real actions, in the first place, of the vindicative and negative actions, the comparison between them and with other legal means to restore the property rights violated. KEY WORDS: real rights, legal protection mechanism, methods of protection, vindicatory action, negatory action. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

15. TITLE: The economic value of Private Law. AUTHORS: Timur G. Okriashvili, Albert G. Yakupov. ABSTRACT: The fundamental transition of the socio-economic development of Russia in the early 90s of the last century was accompanied by the development of private-law regulation. In this regard, private law has acquired a stage of rapid development caused by writing scientific papers, textbooks, dissertation research and the emergence of relevant educational disciplines at higher educational institutions of Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan in particular. This paper deals with the issue of the economic value of private law on the example of the Republic of Tatarstan. The relevance of the study is due to the fact that private law is currently acquiring the features of necessity in the implementation of economic activity in the country. KEY WORDS: private law, economics, private law regulation, economic stability. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

16. TITLE: Measure of freedom in the context of legal regulation of genomic research: foreign experience. AUTHORS: Maxim V. Voronin, Maria V. Zakharova. ABSTRACT. The article is based on the use of a comprehensive comparative legal methodology, and the measure of freedom that prevails in international practice in the field of legal regulation of genomic research is analyzed. The article includes both general and special knowledge methods. The formulation of doctrinal approaches on the evolution of standards for the legal regulation of genomic research in the legal systems of identification of different groups is impossible without a comparative analysis, carried out within the interdisciplinary, cross-border and chronological framework. The authors of this article emphasize that the category "measure" is one of the keys in the formation of indicators of comparative legal analysis. KEY WORDS: law, freedom, Russian, foreign, genomic research. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, RUSSIA.

17. TITLE: On the structural elements of a legal doctrine of presumption of innocence. AUTHORS: Ainur Gilmullin, Alexander Pogodin, Vagip Abdrashitov. ABSTRACT: The article presents a theoretical and legal analysis of a legal doctrine of presumption of innocence in terms of its importance for the modern legal life of society and the state. The modern elements of the legal doctrine of the presumption of innocence are formulated and grounded, whose structure is presented from: legal ideas, legal knowledge, legal values, legal dogmas, legal traditions, legal practice; therefore, the article points out that it is legal ideas that contain high moral and ethical values that serve as the core of meaning, the beginning of the legal doctrine of the presumption of innocence, as well as for the entire legal system of the Russian state and society. KEY WORDS: legal doctrine, presumption of innocence, structural element, legal ideas, legal dogmas. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

18. TITLE: Characteristics of the responsibility for crimes against the family and minors in the criminal law of Russia. AUTHORS: Farhad B. Muljukov, Ramil R. Gaifutdinov. ABSTRACT: This document addresses the responsibility of crimes against the family and minors under Russian criminal law. We study the system and certain types of criminal intrusion in a minor, its objective and subjective signs, as well as the practice of its application in the field of the fight against crimes against minors. The work justifies the relevance of this document, identifies the object, the purpose of the study and the possibility of applying its results in practice. We justify in this article the need to protect the family and children from criminal invasions in social relationships. KEY WORDS: crime, minor, family, Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

19. TITLE: Differentiation between the concepts “Protection” and “Preservation” in the International Law of the Sea. AUTHORS: Ksenia B. Valiullina, Alisher R. Khodzhiyev, Sergey M. Sagitov. ABSTRACT: In light of the intensive use of the spaces and resources of the great oceans, its rapid contamination is among the new challenges and threats to the security of the states. The system of measures for the protection of the World Ocean is key aspect, since the latter plays an exceptional role to guarantee the life of our planet. Based on the foregoing, international law plays the role of designating the actions to be carried out by the states necessary to guarantee the protection and preservation of the oceans. International law performs two important functions: regulation and protection, where the latter is defined both in science and in legislation through adjacent categories such as "protection", "defense" and "preservation". KEY WORDS: preservation and protection of the global ocean, sources of pollution, cooperation, environmental security. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

20. TITLE: About the need to eliminate violations of the constitutional principle On equality of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government in terms of Remuneration and Pensions paid to Civil Servants from Office of the Supreme State Power Bodies of the Russian Federation. AUTHORS: Timur G. Okriashvili, Alexander G. Gurinovich, Albert V. Pavlyuk, Albert G. Yakupov. ABSTRACT: Effectiveness of the functioning of the Russian Federation state mechanism largely depends on the quality of work of civil servants which ensure the implementation of the powers of state bodies and persons holding public offices. In the ongoing process of reforming the civil service, special importance is justifiably attached to raising motivation, including material of civil servants in a broad sense, which should be improved by means of acceptable legal regulation. Particular importance should be given to theoretical and legal understanding of the problems on improvement of financial support for civil servants' official activities. It is appropriate to identify priorities for further improvement of such legal regulation and to determine the main parameters of the desired changes in the legal institutions governing this process. KEY WORDS: law, theory of law, public service, constitutional principle. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, RUSSIA.

21. TITLE: Legal status of certain types of financial organizations in the Russian Federation. AUTHORS: Elena G. Opyhtina, Juliya A. Serkova, Albina S. Khabibullina. ABSTRACT: The document analyzes the development of legislation on financial organizations up to the current stage, revealing problems of the legal status of some types of credit and non-credit organizations, as well as protection of the rights of the creditors of such legal entities; namely, the problem of protecting the rights of the creditors of intermediary organizations that are not credit organizations, but that provide financial services, the legal status of the participating organizations of the financial system and the Russian national payment system, the uncertainty about the legal status of a limited liability company, and change the focus of financial and technology companies towards the creation of cooperative links with banks and other financial institutions, etc. KEY WORDS: legal entity, financial organization, credit and non-credit organizations, financial stability and recovery, protection of creditors' rights. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

22. TITLE:  Influence of the German Pandect Law on fundamentals of Private Law of the Baltic Provinces.  AUTHORS: Alexander N. Shpagonov, Alexander I. Sidorkin, Denis V. Iroshnikov. ABSTRACT: The article analyzes the influence of the German Pandecta Law for the foundations of private law in the Baltic provinces of the Russian Empire. The authors investigate the history of the development of private law in the Baltic provinces before the entry into force of the Arch of civil legalizations of the Baltic provinces of 1864, as well as an analysis of the influence of the thoughts of German pandect researchers on the formations of the private law of the Baltic provinces. It concludes on the unconditional influence of the new currents of the German legal thought, and in particular, of the representatives of the schools of Germanic studies on the doctrine of the Baltic private right, especially remarkable by the works of F.G. von Bunge. KEY WORDS: pandectization, the historical school is law, private law, Roman law, Baltic provinces of the Russian Empire. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, RUSSIA.

23. TITLE:  Russian legislation on prohibition of discrimination.  AUTHORS: Ekaterina A. Khuzina, Valiev Kh. Gabdrakhman, Rezeda G. Khairullina. ABSTRACT: In the legislation of modern Russia, measures to combat discrimination are established by normative legal acts, but the task of ensuring the protection of the rights of citizens against discrimination remains unresolved. There are international standards on this subject and international law addresses special acts of two types against discrimination: prohibit the restriction of the rights of citizens to congenital (natural) and social criteria. The attitude towards socially vulnerable groups is an indicator of the democratic nature and stability of the regime, the potential for conflict and the tolerance of society. This article deals with the Russian legislation on the prohibition of discrimination and other related aspects. KEY WORDS: human rights, human freedoms, judicial protection, discrimination of rights and freedoms, protection against discrimination. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

24. TITLE: Implementation of the constitutional right to judicial protection in the state languages of the subject so the Russian Federation. AUTHORS: Damir Kh. Valeev, Anas G. Nuriev, Rafael V. Shakirjanov. ABSTRACT. The article provides a description of the possibility of exercising the constitutional right to judicial protection in the state languages of the republics within the Russian Federation, noting the problematic points, which with due attention, can become points of growth: the application of the implementation of the right to judicial protection in the second state language, and the possibility of drafting texts of judicial decisions and separate procedural documents in the state languages of the Russian Federation. The article highlights the position of the authors on the use of the language of the state of the Russian Federation and the proposals to improve the existing legal mechanism in the designated theme from the implementation of the constitutional right to judicial protection. KEY WORDS: state languages of the republics of the Russian Federation, right to judicial protection, the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan, legal proceedings. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

25. TITLE:  Issues of judicial organization and First Instance Court Jurisdiction in the Republic of Croatia.  AUTHORS: Rinat. R. Akhmetzakirov, Idris M. Gilmanov, Muhamat M. Gilmanov. ABSTRACT: The United Nations imposes on all governments to guarantee the rights to a fair public hearing by a competent court, which is enshrined in clause 1 of article 6 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The Covenant on Civil and Political Rights requires governments to pay the most serious attention to matters of jurisdiction. This article analyzes legislative changes made since the end of the year 2001, trends inherent in periods of Russian development, the judicial system of the Republic of Croatia and the jurisdiction of the court of first instance. The article addresses inherent dispositions to the judicial procedures of the municipal courts in the form of simplified procedures and conditions of their application. KEY WORDS: corpus delicti, magistrate judge jurisdiction, maximum sanctions, minor crimes courts, municipal and district Courts. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

26. TITLE: Copyright restrictions for blind and visually impaired persons in the Russian Federation. AUTHORS: Roza I. Sitdikova, Zavdat F. Safin, Ekaterina S. Starostina, Lyudmila A. Novoselova. ABSTRACT: The Marrakesh Treaty is dedicated to copyright restrictions, provisions that determine the exclusive rights of authors and other rights holders, and allow consumers to use copyrighted material without the permission of the authors and other rights holders. On December 5, 2017, the Russian Federation joins this agreement, which leads to the reform of legislation in the field of copyright and makes possible to anticipate the forms of reform of domestic legislation. The article highlights the advantages of the accession of the Russian Federation to this agreement. KEY WORDS: Marrakesh Treaty, restrictions on copyright, visually impaired persons, persons with disabilities to perceive printed information. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, RUSSIA.

27. TITLE: The modern condition of legal procedure in The Russian Federation. AUTHORS: Edward E. Isaev, Albert G. Yakupov. ABSTRACT: At present, the legal process is being reformed in the legal space of the Russian Federation, manifested by new procedural codes and significant changes to the existing procedural legislative acts. The relevance of this study is expressed by the need to study the current state of the legal process in the Russian Federation to further reform the legislation in this area and create a more effective procedural and legal reality. The purpose of this article is to study the current state of the legal process in the Russian Federation, and to achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve the following tasks: to study the civil and arbitration processes, to study the administrative process, to study the business management in the state and law enforcement agencies. KEY WORDS: Law, legal process, civil procedure, arbitration process, administrative process. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

28. TITLE: Judicial procedure for determining the origin of children in the Russian Federation. AUTHORS: Leisan N. Khasimova, Margarita A. Ahmetzyanova. ABSTRACT. The legislation that regulates the certificate, the establishment and the origin contest of the children requires study, reconsideration and careful improvement on the basis of the analysis of the current civil and family legislation of the Russian Federation, based on theoretical dispositions dedicated to the regulation of the establishment of origin of children and the mechanism of proof of paternity in a judicial proceeding. The methodological basis was made through the general scientific method (dialectic) of knowledge, logical, comparative and legal methods that allowed to consider the problems of family legislation in the field of legal regulation of paternity test in a legal proceeding and challenge of paternity and maternity in the Russian Federation. KEY WORDS: parental legal relationship, rights of the child, paternity proof, contest of motherhood and paternity. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

29. TITLE: Voluntary death as a manifestation of civic virtue. AUTHORS: Alik O. Kudratov, Eugeniy A. Tchiglintsev. ABSTRACT. The article is dedicated to the question of the correlation of ideas about an ideal citizen within the framework of the Roman republican system of values with sociocultural practices such as suicide. Given the considerable quantitative and qualitative preponderance in the historiography of this edition of works on the period of the Empire, the authors trace the details of the suicide of the last Republic in the material of the "Civil Wars" of Appia that presents the act of voluntary retirement of life in the conditions of the crisis of the Republic as a marker of a division in the value system and in society as a whole. KEY WORDS: the Roman Republic, civil wars, the republican system of values, suicide, Appian. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

30. TITLE: Problems of foreign legal constructions reception in the Russian law of obligations. AUTHORS: Ainur G. Demieva, Elena E. Bogdanova. ABSTRACT: In this article, the authors note that the desire to use foreign experience, in a number of cases, has led to the duplication of existing and long-established legal institutions in Russia. The authors come to the conclusion that the reception of foreign legal norms and institutions influenced on the general tendency of civil law socialization, the intensification of the beginnings of disposability, the expansion of the restorative orientation of civil law norms and the development of conscientiousness principle. During the performance of this process, differences in the public and legal sphere of Russian Federation and other states should be taken into account, so that the borrowed constructions and norms can be applied effectively in Russian realities effectively. KEY WORDS: the reception of legal norms and constructions, the socialization of civil law, honesty, unscrupulous behavior of the party, the principle of disposability. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, RUSSIA.

31. TITLE: Characteristics of the Civil Liability of the Notary. AUTHOR: Anas G. Nuriev. ABSTRACT: The article analyzes the civil responsibility of the notary in the presence of measures of legal coercion of the state to be applied to the notary, observing the introduction to the Russian Federation of a model of four steps to guarantee the quality of the notarial services: 1st, due to the insurance compensation under the civil liability insurance contract of a notary; 2nd, in case of insufficiency of the insurance compensation, due to the compensation of the insurance under a collective insurance contract of notarial civil liability celebrated by the notarial chamber; 3rd, in case of breach of the last insurance compensation, due to the personal property of the notary; and 4th, in case of insufficient property, due to the compensation fund of the Chamber of Federal Notaries. KEY WORDS: notarial system, notarial activities, civil liability, compensation fund, professional responsibility. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

32. TITLE: On land ownership reform in the context of heuristic possibilities. AUTHORS: Anatoly N. Makarov, Gulia F. Galiullina, Aydar D. Gimadeev. ABSTRACT: The article includes the consequences of the reform of land ownership implemented since the 90s and its conceptual foundations, as well as a constructive concept for its substantial adjustment. Growth trends are shown within the framework of the agrarian reform rule implemented, and it is concluded that a change in the current situation of land ownership relations is not related to the form of property, but rather to a decisive rejection of land ownership. In addition, ultra-liberal postulates and the development of the concept of adjustment of the agrarian reform, that an effective national policy of ownership of the land and that their property relations are the weakest link in the Russian agrarian economy. KEY WORDS: land ownership, speculation, large landowners, possession. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

33. TITLE: Some features of discrimination based on religion. AUTHORS: Ravil R. Zainashev, Muhamat M. Gilmanov, Idris M. Gilmanov. ABSTRACT: The authors of the article analyze problems faced by working believers in aspects related to religious requirements, duties and desired actions, given the lack of knowledge of officials of various companies, organizations and institutions regarding those aspects determined by the clothing of the believer, his food and drink, the performance of ablutions, and the timely completion of obligatory prayers. It is understandable that the workers must fulfill their functional tasks, but it should be taken into account to provide them with the conditions so that they fulfill the obligatory requirements of their religions. The document highlights mandatory requirements for a Muslim practitioner, and practices Islam, and prevents the discrimination of believers, in particular, that of Muslims for their religion. KEY WORDS: religious discrimination, Islam, freedom of religion, the right to profess, observance of religious obligations. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

34. TITLE: Students’ perceptions of marriage and family in the context of sociocultural transformations in Russian society. AUTHORS: Farida Ishkineeva, Simboul Akhmetova, Karina Ozerova. ABSTRACT: The ambivalence of sociocultural transformations in society at the macro and micro levels changes the life values of young people, including students. This article is based on an online survey of students from the Federal University of Kazan and considers young people's views on marriage and family, patterns of sexual behavior, fatherhood, gender differences in marriage, and family attitudes. The results obtained show contradictions in the minds of the students, who still reproduce the adherence to traditional values and the already emerging tendencies towards pragmatism, towards the changing attitudes towards the forms of marriage, the family and the perspectives of future self-realization. KEY WORDS: young students, marriage and family attitudes, patterns of sexual behaviour, parenthood, sociocultural transformations. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

35. TITLE: Energy Service Contracts in the Contractual Law of the Russian Federation. AUTHORS: Timur G. Okriashvili, Albert G. Yakupov. ABSTRACT: This document is devoted to the study of energy service contracts in the Russian Federation's treaty system. The relevance of the study is that energy laws and energy legislation become one of the key areas that require specific technical, technological, economic and legal knowledge in the current stage of development of the national state. The document includes a study of energy services contracts through the prism of the contract system in the Russian Federation, which allows improving the legal way to consolidate legal actions aimed at energy conservation and increase energy efficiency. KEY WORDS: energy law, contract, contractual system, energy service contract, contractual regulation. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

36. TITLE: The historical and legal analysis of the development of Municipal Property Right Institute in Russia. AUTHORS: Lidiya L. Sabirova, Alina L. Shigabutdinova. ABSTRACT: The article is devoted to the historical and legal study of the formation and development of the municipal property right institute in Russia. The purpose of this study is to form a comprehensive scientific understanding of the development of the municipal property rights institution in Russia. The authors use methods of scientific analysis, historical and legal knowledge, and others. The authors conclude that municipal property was separated in 1990 in the form of communal property of the state (public). During the Soviet period, the right of municipal property and property was not consecrated separately, and in fact, coincided with state property. The authors distinguish the periods in which the Municipal Property Law Institute was formed. KEY WORDS: historical periods, historical and legal analysis, property right, public property, municipal property. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

37. TITLE: External representative function of the head of a municipal entity. AUTHORS: Artem S. Tarasov, Evgenij B. Sultanov, Gaziz N. Bashirov. ABSTRACT: The document raises the issue of representation in public law relations. The authors have identified and disclosed the characteristics of the institution of representation in constitutional law. Special attention is paid to the characteristics of the representative function of the head of a municipal entity and the interaction of the head with the representative bodies of a municipal entity. It is observed that one of these characteristics is due to the method of occupying the highest position in the municipal entity. The document also provides a detailed analysis of the provisions of the law that govern the organization of local self-government and the functioning of local self-government bodies in the Russian Federation. KEY WORDS: local government, representation, head of local government, people, law. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

38. TITLE: Contractual constructions in the Russian educational law. AUTHORS: Elena V. Kobchikova, Timofey G. Makarov. ABSTRACT. The article reveals the distinctive characteristics of contractual constructions and the place these agreements occupy in the educational law system. It is concluded that the agreement on the target education generates obligations not only in the field of educational law, but also in the areas of administrative and labor law. The analysis of the thematic composition of the contracts under study indicates that they are not, in the strict sense of the word, the agreements on education, since they are characterized by a different circle of participating subjects. These contracts act as elements of the legal composition that serves as the basis for the emergence of educational legal relationships. Separately, each of them can not imply the emergence of an educational relationship. KEY WORDS: agreement, target education, educational relationship. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

39. TITLE: Legal problems of vaccinal prevention. AUTHORS: Artur I. Khabirov, Gulnara M. Khamitova. ABSTRACT. Vaccination is a form of medical intervention to prevent the possible appearance of an infectious disease. The discovery of the principle of active immunization is a powerful tool in the fight against infectious diseases, including those caused by viruses. The relevance of the selected topic is due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation in Russia, the massive rejection of vaccines, and the increase in the incidence of several infections. The article is devoted to the analysis of the legal bases of vaccination in the Russian Federation, including children. Based on the established provisions, we proposed a possible way to improve the organization of preventive vaccines. KEY WORDS: vaccinal prevention, right to health, medical services, social insurance. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

40. TITLE: Criminal legal significance of medical malpractice. AUTHORS: Maria V. Talan, Oleg N. Dunin. ABSTRACT: This article is devoted to the theoretical analysis of medical malpractice as a concept of criminal law. This article makes a constant criticism of this last approach and confirms the position that medical malpractice in criminal law should be understood as a special type of circumstance that prevents criminality, causing harm to a person in the course of a medical activity, where there was an objective possibility of avoiding it, but that was due to the physiological characteristics of the patient, to imperfect methods of providing medical attention, as well as to the inconsistency of the psychophysiological state of the medical worker in the current situation. KEY WORDS: medical malpractice, circumstances precluding criminality of an act, criminal law, medical law, iatrogenic crimes, cause harm through negligence. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

41. TITLE: The need for "mental disorder" concept legislative definition as the guarantee of patient rights. AUTHORS: Artur I. Khabirov, Gulnara M. Khamitova. ABSTRACT. Throughout the world, and especially in the Russian Federation, the deterioration of mental health is observed, so it is not only important to strengthen and protect mental health, but also to solve problems related to the needs of people with various mental disorders. The authors of the article analyze the concept of mental health according to the laws of the Russian Federation and on the basis of the study of the legislative act of several countries such as United States of America, Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the World Health Organization. The authors propose their own definition of the term and demonstrate the importance of this registry for national regulatory legal acts. KEY WORDS: mental disorder, patient rights, legal coercion, mental health, comparative study. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

42. TITLE: Analysis of the structure and content of the medical relationship. AUTHOR: Liliya T. Gibadullina. ABSTRACT: A distinctive feature of medical services is attention to health and human life; that seen from the legal relationships of citizen as patient and a medical institution and health professional. An inadequate provision of medical services can damage life and health, so legislators should pay special attention to their protection, although there is no exhaustive research in the science of civil law on legal regulation and civil protection of the consumer rights of medical services, nor a detailed analysis of the structure and essence of their legal relationships. The present work addresses these issues and the assessment existing in the Constitution of the Russian Federation and its Civil Code. KEY WORDS: Medical services, medical relationship, right to life and health, legal status of the patient, legal status of the consumer of medical services. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

43. TITLE: Axiological parameters of Russian paremiology. AUTHORS: Natalija N. Semenenko, Natalja V. Akinina, Marina J. Smelkovskaja, Darja A. Mashukova. ABSTRACT: The article justifies the state of paremia as an axiomatic text, which expresses a stereotyped opinion for a national culture in a modally improved form, which correlates with the value coordinate system adopted in the ethnic culture. The didactic value of the paremic text is determined in the coordinates of concepts such as "stereotypes of thought" and "the value orientation of the world view". In general, the paremic didactics is characterized by going beyond the real transfer of experience in its informative component and it is known as a psychosocial and linguistic model of a linguistic personality, whose objective is to implement a productive stereotyped interpretation model for ethnoculture and the evaluation of realities and farming systems. KEY WORDS: paremia, cognitive-pragmatic modeling, axiolinguistics, ethnic-linguistic consciousness, ethnocultural significance. RUSSIA.

44. TITLE: Images of the Crimean War in the historical novel K. Hibbert "Crimean Company of 1854-1855. The tragedy of Lord Raglan". AUTHORS: Bahar Demir, Dinevich Irina, Yurova Yuliya. ABSTRACT: This article analyzes the research in Russian literature, and although Russian literary critics hardly study Hibbert's creativity, his works enjoy popularity not only in the writer's native land, but also throughout the world. This paper is a work of the cognitive interpretation of the results of linguistic research, the lexical and semantic modeling of images, and the dominant artistic space of the historical novel, "The Crimean campaign of 1854-1855. The tragedy of Lord Raglan". It was shown that the images of the war have a significant value in the worldview of the author and serve as a key to unlock the problems of the novels focused on the fate of the "historical personality". KEY WORDS: Christopher Hibbert, a historical novel, the Crimean War, Sevastopol, artistic image. TURKEY, RUSSIA.

45. TITLE: Comparative analysis of "Tree" concept objectification in Christianity and Islam. AUTHOR: Dilyara Sh. Shakirova. ABSTRACT: The concept chosen for research refers to the thematic group "nature" and draws attention to the fact that natural phenomena and objects entered the cultural world of different peoples from one century to another quite naturally. In the modern world, religion plays an important role in the development of man. This article compares the sacred books in Christianity and Islam, which reveal the basic understanding of the concept "tree", its spiritual and symbolic meaning, based on the perception of a tree as a symbol of life given by the Creator. The author analyzes the similarities and differences in the objectification of the concept of "tree" in the Bible and the Koran. KEY WORDS: "tree" concept, comparative analysis, religion, Christianity, Islam. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

46. TITLE: Images of carts on the petroglyphs of Karakiyasay. AUTHORS: Olesya A. Kashchey, Leonard F. Nedashkovsky. ABSTRACT: The article is dedicated to the study of images of wheeled vehicles on petroglyphs of Karakiyasay. This complex with cave paintings is located in the territory of Uzbekistan, in the border area with Kazakhstan, and is a unique monument, rooted in the Bronze Age. In the course of field research, using digital technologies, we identified 6 images of cars and 1 image of a shopping cart. The analysis of images of vehicles with wheels, taking into account the design characteristics, the images of all the participants in the compositions of multiple figures and the stylistics of animal images, made in the article, allows us to completely characterize the characteristics of each vehicle and the context of its image. KEY WORDS: petroglyphs, bronze age, Karakiyasay, carts, chariots. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

47. TITLE: Petroglyphs of Karakiyasay: Scenes compositions, images and stylistics. AUTHORS: Olesya A. Kashchey, Leonard F. Nedashkovsky. ABSTRACT: The article presents the results of the figurative and stylistic analysis of the Karakiyasay petroglyphs located in the territory of Uzbekistan on the southern slopes of the Karzhantau mountain range. This complex with cave paintings dates back to the Bronze Age and ethnographic modernity. Currently, there are twice as many petroglyphs in the rock engravings of Karakiyasay compared to previous studies by M.M. Khuzhanazarov. The stylistic analysis carried out in the article covers not only individual images, but also plot compositions. This holistic approach allows us to identify stable groups of images and graphics related to different stylistic traditions, which may indicate the stability of certain figurative motifs. KEY WORDS: petroglyphs, bronze age, plot compositions, images, stylistics. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

48. TITLE: Archaeological evidence of the Tsarevokokshaisk City: Ceramic Tiles. AUTHORS: Natalia S. Yarantseva, Elena E. Vorobeva. ABSTRACT: Popular and informative archaeological evidences are ceramics, which constitute a source of information about the material and spiritual cultures of human societies. Some problems in this regard are the ceramic tile manufacturing technology of the Tsarevokokshaisk city and possible sources of ceramic material in the territory of the Middle Volga region. A morphological analysis of 50 pieces of ceramic tiles from that city gave results on the classification of the ceramic tiles, and for a more complete characterization of the tiles, a comparison was made with a similar material based on the analysis of the sand test. KEY WORDS: archaeology, archaeological evidence, ceramic, ceramic tiles, the Middle Volga Region. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

49. TITLE: Art space in the novel "Finnish Sun" of I. Abuzyarov as a way of constructing world duality. AUTHORS: Adela N. Nabiullina, Venera R. Amineva, Danuta Shimonik. ABSTRACT: I. Abuzyarov follows the traditions of Latin American literature, which is shown in the novel "Finnish Sun" (2015), characteristic of modern Russian-speaking prose. The results of the research carried out are significant for the understanding of the versatility of his prose, the principles of his poetics and style, and the art and aesthetic nature of Russian-speaking literature. In this paper, we analyze ways of modeling the artistic image of the world in a "limit" type discourse and conclude that existential dualism is created by grotesque types of artistic space, by the opposition of spaces related to apocalyptic motives, and scatological semantics to save spaces. KEY WORDS: modern Russian-speaking prose, magic realism, poetics, image of the world, grotesque. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

50. TITLE: The language of the tatar diaspora in Finland and identity. AUTHORS: Guzel Nаsibullovа, Alfiyа Yusupovа, Okаn Dаher, Alsu Ashrаpovа. АBSTRАCT: The Turkish community of the Finnish Tartars was formed from the ninth century, when the Tartar merchants began to arrive in Finland from imperial Russia and settled in the main cities of Finland. The native language (tartar), cultural traditions and customs, and religion, became the basis for the unification of the Tartars in the foreign country, where friendly relations with the Republic of Tatarstan and the cultural circles of Kazan contributed to the preservation of their language and culture. They were the main Turkish group of the peoples of Finland and the study of the characteristics of the Tatar diaspora in Finland is a positive example of integration in the global space. KEY WORDS: linguistic identity, immigrants, Tatars, Turkish community. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, FINLAND.

51. TITLE: The main stages of the revival of Islam in Tatarstan. AUTHORS: Zhetibay Zh. Muratuly, Rafik M. Mukhametshin, Radif R. Zamaletdinov. ABSTRACT: Islam played an important role in the social and political life of the Republic of Tatarstan in the late 1980s. This document analyzes the main periods of the resurgence of Islam in the Republic of Tatarstan in the post-Soviet period: the period of legalization, the period of institutionalization, the period of structuralization, the period of internal mobilization, the period of ideological definition and theological points of reference. In particular, the period of legalization is associated with the creation in 1992 of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan and the return of Islamic values to society in Tatarstan. KEY WORDS: Islam, revival, Islamic institutions, Muslim community, Hanafi madhhab. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, RUSSIA.

52. TITLE: The objective methods of linguistic analysis. AUTHORS: Ekaterina S. Palekha, Alexey V. Bastrikov, Elena M. Bastrikova, Zharkynbekova Sholpan Kuzarovna. ABSTRACT: The article is devoted to a problem of objectification of the complex linguistic text analysis method. The authors point out that the choice of the method of analysis is of special importance in the course of conducting the linguistic-criminalistic conclusion of controversial texts of different orientation. In the article, the most significant part of the verbal and semantic whole is offered, at the same time that the subject of the analysis is considered quite broadly. The article has an analytical character, focuses on the expert philologist who uses skills in working with socially oriented public texts and examples of texts of an Internet discourse are used as illustrative material. KEY WORDS: complex analysis, discourse analysis, hypertext, linguocriminalistics, semantic track. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN.

53. TITLE: Traditions of Bildungsroman in Tarjemanov's novel «Silver Horseshoe». AUTHORS: Liliya F. Nurieva, Alfiya F. Galimullina, Gelyusya F. Kayumova, Seydin E. Amirlan. ABSTRACT: The novel "The Silver Horseshoe" (1979) by D.A. Tardzhemanov, continues the traditions of Bildungsroman, introduced in the Russian literature of the nineteenth century, which fits into a circle of works about teenagers written by Russian writers and Tartars in the second half of the twentieth century. The novel is a profound psychologism in the image of the inner world of a teenager. Its action is related to the end of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century. Aksakov is represented as a high school student and friend of the main character of the novel, N.I. Lobachevsky. KEY WORDS: Russian literature; children's literature; education novel; D.A. Tarjemanov; N.I. Lobachevsky. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN.

54. TITLE: National traditions and customs in the development of language behavior in the Multiethnic Environment. AUTHORS: Bayim Ibragimova, Alsu Valeyeva, Marina Kononenko, Elena Porshneva. ABSTRACT: The article is dedicated to the dissemination and scientific judgment of national traditions and customs in the development of linguistic behavior in the multi-ethnic environment. The relevance of the research is due to the fact that by studying this phenomenon, the ethno-social potential in which the national mentality of the Russians reside, the meanings of a way of life in various communities and ethnic communities, as well as the valuable criteria in the evaluation of the experience and the vital destiny of all the people and their separated groups, the representatives of the political region are of interest. KEY WORDS: tradition, custom, multiethnic environment, ethnos, ethnosocial potential, linguistic originality. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, RUSSIA.

55. TITLE: Peculiarities of colorative vocabulary use in the collection of the stories "Shadow of the Bird" by I.A. Bunin. AUTHORS: Dinara Rakhimova, Mansura Davlatova, Elena Kuvaldina. ABSTRACT: The article is dedicated to the study of coloration vocabulary and the use of peculiarities in the stories of I.A. Bunin, included in the "Shadow of the Bird" collection. Our research interest in Bunin's early prose is conditioned by the writer's greater attention to color and the use of a unique coloring vocabulary. One of the forms of expansion of the color palette is a descriptive turn, which is not part of the colorative itself. During the comparative analysis of the habitual and occasional use of the colorative vocabulary, they determine that the occasional vocabulary is much more represented in the stories, which creates a certain associative structure in which each tone acquires its own individual meaning. KEY WORDS: colorative, colorative vocabulary, Bunin, text, color. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

56. TITLE: The verbalization of the concept "Bure/Kaskir" (Wolf) in Tatar and Kazakh folklore. AUTHORS: Janbolat M. Jetibai, Gulnara F. Zamaletdinova, Radif R. Zamaletdinov, Fanuza H. Gabdrakhmanova, Almas J. Uderbaev. ABSTRACT: This study was carried out in the framework of cultural linguistic studies and is dedicated to the study of the concept of "bure" (wolf) in the material of Tatar and Kazakh folklore texts. These texts are of great interest to study the special characteristics of national consciousness, mentality and national culture. The objective of the study was to establish the linguistic characteristics of the concept "bure/kaskir" (wolf) in the awareness of the Tatar and Kazakh language, using the descriptive, comparative-typological methods and several others, reaching conclusions such as the concept "bure" (wolf) is one of the key concepts of Tatar Images of the world in Kazakh language, related to human life, with its spiritual values and the religion of people. KEY WORDS: cultural linguistics, image of the world in Turkish language, concept of bure/kaskir (wolf), Tatar language, Kazakh language. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN.

57. TITLE: History of the developmental of Crime Fiction in World Literature. AUTHOR: Julia Ju. Valieva. ABSTRACT. The origins of the detective genre are archaic, found in the Bible, in the medieval Arab literature "Book of a thousand and one nights", in the medieval genre of Chinese literature "Huaben", etc. The weakening of the religious principle in the society led to a wide spread of the detective genre in literature, as well as to the appearance of such subgenre as a police detective. The modern Russian detective in the 1990's - early 2000's is experiencing an upsurge, development, and becomes the most mass genre attracting a diverse readership. That literary genre remains popular and relevant in the XXI century, as evidenced by numerous publications. KEY WORDS: literature, crime fiction, Far East contraries, history of development. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

58. TITLE: Tradition and innovation in crime fiction in the literature of Far East. AUTHOR: Julia Ju. Valieva. ABSTRACT. Both in eastern and western countries, in monuments of ancient and medieval literature, the detective's elements appear. Literary critics note that in works of the famous writer E. Poe, it is considered this literary genre. Detective literature of the Far East countries developed, generally under the influence of works by the western authors. In this work, detective literature of Korea, China and Japan will be considered. When writing this work, the authors used the following methods of research: descriptive, comparative-historical and comparative. KEY WORDS: literature, crime fiction, Far East contraries, history of development. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

59. TITLE: Comparative analysis of Lexicographic Representations of the concept "Family" in the Russian and English languages. AUTHORS: Liliia Gabitova, Leysan Shayakhmetova, Sholpan Zharkynbekova. ABSTRACT: This article deals with the study of the concept of семья / family in the Russian and English languages using lexicographical sources: explanatory, associative and synonyms dictionaries, concluding that there are more meanings of that word in English than in Russian. In English, a large number of synonyms are associated with inheritance and origin. According to the vocabulary of associations, friends are included in the concept of family; therefore, the boundaries of the family are somewhat blurred. Russians tend to associate the family with relatives and children. The English-speaking respondents associate the family mainly with the household, the children, but for both languages, the family is associated with the children, the home and the mother. KEY WORDS: comparative analysis, explanatory dictionary, associative dictionary, dictionary of synonyms. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN.

60. TITLE: Transformation of the mythopoetic image of Shurale in Tatar literature for children during the second half of the 20th century. AUTHORS: Zilia R. Abulhanova, Luisa F. Zamalieva, Alfia R. Motigullina, Liailia I. Mingazova, Amirlan Seydin Elsuyer-uli. ABSTRACT: The real problem of folklore and literary criticism is in the mythopoetic images. This study refers to the image of Shurale presented both in the works of Tartar folklore and in fiction for children of the second half of the 20th century. Shurale is an indispensable attribute and favorite character, studying the transformation of the Shurale image in the mythological traditions and in the first literary work: the poem "Shurale" by G. Tukai. In the folklore and the artistic works of the first half of the last century, the image of Shurale is the analogue of the image of Leshy in the Russian folk tradition, forest spirit and symbolic guardian of the mother tongue, national customs and spirituality. KEY WORDS: Mythological image, shurale, folklore, tartar literature, children's literature. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN.

61. TITLE: Ethnosterootypes in Tatar and Turkish paremies. AUTHORS: Fanuza H. Gabdrakhmanova, Gulnara F. Zamaletdinova, Radif R. Zamaletdinov, Madina R. Sattarova, Rasim R. Khusnutdinov. ABSTRACT. The article analyzes ethnocultural stereotypes that reflect the national character of the language and culture of the people, which are important part of the knowledge of the world, the national image, the behavior of the person in a given intercultural situation, etc. The scientific novelty of this research lies in the fact that, for the first time, the ethno-stereotype of paremias in genetically related languages such as Tatar and Turkish is subjected to a comparative study. It concludes the existence of proverbs about man among the peoples and languages Tartar and Turkish in line with the dogmas of the Koran, the influence of Islam and its traditions in the development of paremiological units, and that the character traits of the Turks and Tartars are sometimes contradictory. KEY WORDS: cultural linguistics, paremia, ethnostereotype, Tatar language, Turkish language. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

62. TITLE: About the logic of the stages of development of humanity: from the stages of "barbarian" and "civilization" to the stage of "own culture". AUTHORS: Gennadii P. Menchikov, Anton S. Krasnov. ABSTRACT: The problem of the gradual development of humanity: in what "era" we live, where we move and why, is a situation of attention of humanity on the planet and becomes especially acute, since this is not associated only with tactics but also with the strategy of human life, associated in essence with the main existential motivation of life in society and of each one of us. Errors put the life of humanity on the verge of "being and / or not being". The idea of some kind of new future stage of the development of humanity is in the air, and although it begins to be discussed in the academy, there is still no clear understanding, not even something defined for a next stage. KEY WORDS: neoclassical philosophy, constructive realism, anthropic principle, neoclassical-type observer. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

63. TITLE: Russian and Chinese Toponimic Fashion Concepts. AUTHORS: Svetlana Yu. Glushkova, Liliya F. Nurieva. ABSTRACT: The article investigates the toponymic concepts that will be adopted recently related to the study of the direction of the city as the spatial identifier that is especially important in the world of modern information by updating a fashion phenomenon in the Russian and Chinese languages. The research allows us to analyze the mentality of two peoples, which is shown at the associative level of linguoculture bearers defined on the basis of the integral phenomenon of fashion that reaches all fields of activity of the person. Special attention is paid to the structure of concepts, the lexical filling, a quantitative component to detect its communicative relevance. KEY WORDS: concept, toponym fashion, linguoculture, Chinese, Russian. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

64. TITLE: Time series modeling of Wheat production and share the self-sufficient rate in the future, using double exponential smoothing model. AUTHORS: M.M. Negm, L.N. Safiullin. ABSTRACT: The document proposes a time series model to forecast the annual production and consumption of wheat in Egypt based on data and economic indicators during the period (1995-2016) so that the organization can carry out better planning and decision-making in the future. The study was conducted to find a suitable model for the forecasting method, namely the moving average model, the exponential growth model and double exponential smoothing model, and it was found that the double exponential smoothing model is the most appropriate to predict the trend future of wheat based on smaller values of forecast errors. Policies were formulated and suggested to improve food security until the year 2030. KEY WORDS: Moving average, Trend Analysis, Double Exponential Smoothing model, time series, and Wheat consumption. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

65. TITLE: Development of the Urban Landscapes of Kazan in the relief of ravines as a factor to improve the quality of the Urban Environment. AUTHORS: Regina A. Medvedeva, Tatyana V. Gaifutdinova, Guzel R. Safina, Viktoria A. Fedorova. ABSTRACT: The territories of erosion of ravines occupy significant areas in the cities, representing an important reserve in conditions of scarcity of land. The article analyzes the implementation of approaches to the use of ravines in the city of Kazan as a factor to improve the quality of the urban environment. There are two main approaches to the use of urban ravines: recycling and destruction, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Currently, the utilization approach is being implemented. The study of the opinion of the citizens about the use of ravines allows us to determine the instructions to use these territories and change (improve) the quality of the urban environment. KEY WORDS: city, relief, erosion, ravines, quality of urban environment. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

66. TITLE: The prospects of preservation of working professions among youth in agro-industrial complex to the Republic of Tatarstan. AUTHORS: L.K. Mukhametzanova, R.R. Khizbullina, S.A. Alekseev. ABSTRACT. The article presents results of a sociological research on the increase of the priority of the work professions among modern rural youth of the Republic of Tatarstan in the framework of the scientific project No. 17-13-16006, supported by the Russian foundation for the basic research and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. The empirical data were obtained in the rural districts of the Republic of Tatarstan (RT) by means of the questionnaire method, including the use of surveys in the online mode that has allowed expanding the geographical coverage of the object studied. The representativeness of the data is confirmed by the proportional fulfillment of the social and demographic characteristics of the population (n = 800 people). KEY WORDS: rural youth, working profession, social factors, agro-industrial complex, personnel structure. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

67. TITLE: The practical application of different Phytoindication methods to estimate landslide displacements. AUTHORS: Marina B. Fardeeva, Maria V. Kozhevnikova, Viktoria V. Bogdanova, Natalia A. Kotova. ABSTRACT: Based on 400 geobotanical descriptions of phytocenoses by elements of the landslide slopes of the right bank of Volga River, various methods of phytoindication were considered. It was proposed the general algorithm of landslide slope study, taking into account ecological, phytocenotic, biomorphological, floristic and population analysis. For forest-covered landslide slopes, the main focus of research is the evaluation of forest-forming tree species population structure, taking into account the dynamics of wood stocks. According to different elements of landslides, demutation-degrading processes of forest phytocenoses depend on anthropogenic influence typology. In order to assess the similarities or the differences in the species composition of landslide element phytocenoses, the dice similarity coefficient (DSC) was used. KEY WORDS: landslide processes, phytoindication, dynamics of wood stocks, ecological scales, generality coefficient. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

68. TITLE: The study of sorption activity by native and modified fruit shells of Wheat, Oats and Barley in relation to Bright Green Anionic Dye. AUTHORS: Damir A. Kharlyamov, Tatyana R. Denisova, Alina R. Vafina, Ildar G.Shaikhiev, Irek R. Nizameev. ABSTRACT: In the study, sorption materials containing cellulose based on fruit husks of wheat, oats and barley, and grains modified with weakly concentrated solutions of sulfuric, nitric and hydrochloric acids were obtained, studying the modification of the structure of the biopolymers of the initial and modified reagents as well as the structure of the surface of the sorption material. It was revealed that the process of sorption of bright anionic green dye with modified materials advances more completely compared to the native materials, as well as that the absorption processes of the bright green anion dye with native and modified wheat hulls, oats and barley they are physical adsorption processes. KEY WORDS: sorption, adsorption isotherms, modification, cellulose-containing sorption materials, thermodynamic values. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

69. TITLE: Sustainable development of the financial ecosystem in a green economy. AUTHORS: Aliya A. Ahmadullina, Adel A. Daryakin, Alina A. Kamalova. ABSTRACT: The ecosystem plays a role in the digital economy. This article analyzes the characteristics of a green economy within the framework of the concept of sustainable development, the background of this phenomenon and the future direction of environmental investments. It also analyzes various techniques for studying ecosystems to develop and improve the digital economy. The market responds to changing ecosystems, creating new tools and forming new economic bonds at a national and international level. The review of the digital ecosystem has become a new format for the interaction of users of financial services with credit organizations, a way in which humanity can solve the global problems of modern times, such as the control of climate change, economic development, the aging of the population. KEY WORDS: green economy, digital economy, the index of eco-efficiency, digital technology, ecosystem. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

70. TITLE: Experience of the application of geoinformation technology for cartographic visualization of birdwatching results in Kartma Lake. AUTHORS: Nurgul S. Sihanova, Il’gizar I. Rahimov, Yerlan A. Shynbergenov. ABSTRACT: The results of bird studies of Kartma Lake, which is part of the lacustrine system of the Syr Darya river delta (Aral region of the Kyzylorda region of the Republic of Kazakhstan), are analyzed. The lakes of the Syr Darya river delta currently consist of 6 major groups, including 65 dams, wetlands protected by the International Ramsar Convention. The authors of the article conducted studies of birds in the waters and in the vicinity of Kartma Lake for 5 years (2014 to 2018). The resulting list includes 67 avifauna species. Birdwatching routes and sites are presented using the Earth Remote Sensing (RSD) data. The information is new for the study area. KEY WORDS: North Sea of the Aral, system of lakes of the delta of the Syrdarya river, wetlands, avifauna of Lake Kartma, geoinformation technologies. REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN, REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

71. TITLE: Commercialization of religiosity among the “Ethnic” and Observing Muslims in the Republic of Tatarstan. AUTHORS: Alsu M. Garaeva, Liliya R. Nizamova. ABSTRACT: As a result of the resurgence of religiosity in territories inhabited by Muslims in Russia, a special economy of Muslim daily life has emerged, expressed in the supply and demand of halal goods and services, and of labor and consumption practices of Muslims; therefore, an analysis of the observance of religious norms and prohibitions is necessary, the usual expenses in religious goods and services, and the interaction of the individual with the environment become an urgent research task. This article reveals the world of the daily life of the Muslims, taking into account the similarities and differences, the orientations and observation options and the "ethnic" Muslims. KEY WORDS: religious attitudes, consumer practices, Muslims, Republic of Tatarstan, halal goods. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

72. TITLE: On means of individualization and means of identification. AUTHORS: Rishat Au. Khasanov, Aigul V. Valeeva. ABSTRACT: In modern society, commercial entities pay great attention to the means of individualization; however, the concepts of "individualization" and "identification", as well as the terms "means of individualization" and "means of identification" derived from them, are not differentiated in the legislation. The authors analyzed these concepts and investigated some means of individualization (registered trademarks, names of maritime and river vessels) and means of identification (registration number of the vehicle, individual number of the taxpayer, etc.) enshrined in the regulatory acts. As a result, a distinction was made between the means of individualization and identification by their purpose and corresponding function, their signs were distinguished and the characteristics of the legal regime were revealed. KEY WORDS: means of individualization, means of identification, legal regime. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

73. TITLE: Use of the Information Technologies in improving Telecommunication Services. AUTHORS: Gulnara A. Gareeva, Diana R. Grigoreva. ABSTRACT: Telecommunications services industry is one of the most promising and constantly developing sectors of the Russian economy. At the same time, the level of competition is growing rapidly in the telecommunications market. The objective of the research is the design of the object information system and the subsystem "Technical and material support", as well as the development of a solution algorithm and the software implementation of the task complex "Accounting of the MTP movement in a warehouse", to improve management activities and increase the economic efficiency of the company. The practical value of this work is that the results can be used for the integrated automation of independent business management. KEY WORDS: design, telecommunication services, business process, information system, material support. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

74. TITLE: Methodological recommendations to work with the collection and analysis of 1C service statistics: Company 8 for educational institutions through the Internet (from work experience). AUTHORS: Irina I. Eremina, Ekaterina V. Abrosimova. ABSTRACT: Cloud technology is the processing of data in which the resources and the capacity of the computer are provided to the user as an Internet service. The article describes the experience of using the service "1C: Enterprise 8 through the Internet for educational institutions" as an automated information system for collecting and analyzing statistics in the learning process. As a result of the long-term work, the Department of Business Information Technology and Mathematical Methods in Economics of the Department of Economics of the Naberezhnye Chelny Institute of Kazan Federal University, has accumulated a successful experience of training professionals with software products "1C". KEY WORDS: information technologies, cloud technologies, 1C: Enterprise 8 platform, e-education, e-learning resources. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

75. TITLE: Research and optimization of ElGamal Encryption System. AUTHOR: Alisher R. Zhumaniezov. ABSTRACT: This article describes the optimization of ElGamal encryption scheme through the introduction of different optimization schemes. Among all the schemes, the following were chosen: Barrett reduction, Montgomery reduction and Montgomery reduction with caching optimization schemes. ElGamal public key encryption algorithm was proposed by Taher Elgamal in 1985. The complete scheme was developed based on the Diffie-Hellman protocol. The cryptographic stability of this algorithm is based on the difficulty of calculating the discrete logarithm in a finite field. The lack of a patent for an algorithm makes it a cheaper alternative to the RSA algorithm. KEY WORDS: ElGamal encryption scheme, Binary exponentiation modulo, Barrett’s reduction, Montgomery reduction, bit arithmetic. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

76. TITLE: Research on Information Technologies in the Tourism Industry. AUTHORS: Flera G. Mukhametzyanova, Olga L. Panchenko, Vilena I. Garifyanova, Almaz M. Galimov, Timur R. Zakirov. ABSTRACT: Information technologies are being developed successfully in the tourism industry, so they represent a global business of digital technology. The 21st century is the century of information technology and the information society, in which all tourism companies, both in Russia and abroad, use this global source of information, and the effective use of digital technologies provides additional competitive advantages in the field of tourism. The article is dedicated to the study of the effectiveness of information technologies in the tourism industry in the context of undergraduate university students that goes to the study of factors in the theoretical and practical aspects. KEY WORDS: information technologies, digital technologies, tourism, Internet, student, final project, education. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

77. TITLE:  The development of youth tourism in Uzbekistan.  AUTHORS: Flera G. Mukhametzyanova, Mehrangiz G. Khusenova, Dilfuza Z. Norkulova, Roman R. Nizaev, Timur R. Zakirov, Damir S. Akhatov. ABSTRACT: In recent decades, tourism has become an important sector of the economy for Uzbekistan. The active sector of tourism in modern Uzbekistan is youth. This document shows the role of youth tourism and its development trends, in general, both in the world and in Uzbekistan. As a result of the empirical research, the opportunities for youth tourism in Uzbekistan and a series of trends, both positive and negative, were revealed. It has been empirically established that modern information technologies and financial opportunities are the main social determinants that influence the satisfaction of the needs of tourism entities in Uzbekistan. KEY WORDS: youth tourism, Uzbekistan, Gross Domestic Product, tourism costs, regulatory documents. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN. 

78. TITLE: "Red Tourism" as a factor of stimulation of Interregional and International Tourism. AUTHORS: Lyudmila S. Timofeeva, Albina R. Akhmetova, Elena R. Timofeeva. ABSTRACT: In recent years, a quite complicated situation has developed in Russian tourism and it is necessary to look for new tourist markets and identify new partners. One of the most promising areas is the formation in Russia of the "Red Tourism" routes. Initially, this was developed in China in visits to places of military and revolutionary glory within the country, strengthening the Chinese communist ideology through tourism. In the decade of 2010, "red tourism" acquired an international character and in Russia routes arise, in which tourists travel to places associated with the revolutionary movement and the victories of socialism in the USSR. The article examines the study of "red tourism" and several approaches to it. KEY WORDS: "Red tourism", Russia, China, tourist resources, communist heritage. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

79. TITLE: On the question of maintenance of International Peace and Security in the zones of armed conflicts. AUTHORS: Karina A. Ainoutdinova, Irina N. Ainoutdinova, Amad Hassan Al Ahmad. ABSTRACT: This research presents an analysis of the place and role of the United Nations in the maintenance of peace and security from the perspective of international law, and its actuality is in the complication of the geopolitical situation, military conflicts in different parts of the world, and ongoing discussions among experts and academics on the need to reform the UN Charter, its principles and structure. In terms of legal, functional, historical, comparative and international approaches, the role of the UN and its Security Council in the maintenance of international peace and security, as well as the peaceful means of solving conflicts or controversies established in Articles 33-38 of the Charter is highlighted. KEY WORDS: the United Nations, maintenance of peace and security, armed conflict, negotiation, international law. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

80. TITLE: The perils of presidentialism: Post-Soviet Politics Arguments for Linz’s Hypothesis. AUTHORS: Oleg I. Zaznaev, Viktor V. Sidorov. ABSTRACT: The hypothesis of the well-known political scientist Juan Linz about the shortcomings of the presidential system of government is confirmed in post-Soviet politics. Here, the states with strong presidents demonstrate tendencies of personality regime development. The political crises in such regimes often end with revolutions, society is subject to deep breaks, and regimes lose temporary flexibility. The impossibility of a quick change of the president who lost legitimacy leads to the loss of the entire system stability. They confirmed Linz’s assertion about the possibility of conflict between the president and the parliament, as well as the president’s desire for an inefficient spending. The empirical analysis of political processes in the post-Soviet space proves the validity of the hypothesis by Linz. KEY WORDS: parliamentarism, presidentialism, post-Soviet policy, color revolutions, Linz hypothesis. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

81. TITLE: The national-religious discourse and the political system of modern Russia. AUTHORS: Aivaz M. Fazliev, Ruslan R. Ibragimov, Mariam A. Galeeva, Adelya I. Sattarova. ABSTRACT: The formation of the post-secular political and cultural space provides ample opportunities for the reception of the confessional traditions in a social ethic of the present national states; However, the quality of mass morality does not improve at all and confessional tolerance does not allow to counteract radical religious movements. Finally, the realization in a discourse of the secular present of the post-secular scenario becomes the identification of this present as a post-Christian civilization or post-cultural society. In the present work this problem is addressed. KEY WORDS: history and philosophy, religion, society, national policy, spiritual sphere. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

82. TITLE: History of the sound performance on Bayan in the Republic of Tatarstan. AUTHORS: Yulia A. Martynova, Valery I. Yakovlev, Dmitry E. Martynov, Irek Yi. Yapparov. ABSTRACT: The article is dedicated to the development of scenic art in the Bayan in the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan. Bayan is a kind of hand harmonica invented in the early twentieth century. In the Tatar and Russian musical culture of Tatarstan, the accordion has been widely used since the 1920s. In the musical culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as in the whole of Russia, the 50-60s of the 20th century were the most important period to approve the professional status of playing in popular instruments, which was confirmed by the opening of the chair of popular instruments of the Kazan Conservatory in 1961. KEY WORDS: Cultural History, Sound Performance, Bayan (Accordion), Kazan State Musical College, Kazan State Conservatory. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

83. TITLE: A statistical study of production capacities: methodological aspects. AUTHORS: Ekaterina A. Grigoreva, Elvira A. Polovkina, Lilya F. Zulfakarova. ABSTRACT: This article presents the characteristics of a statistical study of the reserves of production capacity as one of the factors for the growth of production efficiency. The role of social labor productivity in the criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of the national economy is shown. For this purpose, an economic-mathematical model of reserve indicators of production capacity at the micro level has been carried out and the results of an observation sample of the use of the equipment made in one of the companies in the electricity industry are presented. The calculation of the required number of machines is based on it. A significant reserve of production capacity due to incomplete loading has been identified. KEY WORDS: production capacity, labor productivity, method of moment observations, economic and mathematical modeling. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

84. TITLE: Classification of Territories of Advanced Socio-Economic Development. AUTHORS: Gulia F. Galiullina, Rasulya R. Аetdinova, Anatoly N. Makarov, Alexey E. Vasilyev. ABSTRACT: The national and foreign experience in the development of territories with special legal status to conduct business activities has shown that the effectiveness of these institutions depends on factors that must be studied and analyzed in detail. The article presents the classification Territories with Advanced Socioeconomic Development (TASED) according to the potential of industrial development, and intends to evaluate the potential of industrial development according to the level of socioeconomic development, geographic location and predominant technological level of urban production. The analysis of indicators of special monocities showed that most of them were in a difficult socioeconomic situation, where the most vulnerable were "Nadvoitsy", "Anzhero-Sudzhensk" and "Krasnoturinsk", and those with TASED were "Nizhnekamsk", "Sosensky", "Tutaev". KEY WORDS: territory of advanced socio-economic development, monocity, development potential. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

85. TITLE: Art-Market’s development tendencies in Russia in The 1990s. AUTHORS: Zarina F. Akhmetzianova, Makka I. Dolakova, Albina R. Akhmetovа. ABSTRACT: The art market is one of the most important mechanisms that facilitate the integration of works of art in the sociocultural space. We can say that it has become a new engine of civilization, increasingly interwoven with the sphere of culture, generating new forms of interaction. This document reveals the concept of the art market as a sociocultural phenomenon by reflecting the main trends in the development of the art market in Russia during the period of the restructuring of society in the nineties. KEY WORDS: Art market, investments in art, art market infrastructure, Russian culture in the 1990s, Moscow actionism. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

86. TITLE: Accounting and analysis of inventories of materials and production of companies. AUTHORS: Irina I. Eremina, Ilnaz F. Gazizov. ABSTRACT: The article is dedicated to the consideration of the peculiarities of the accounting and the analysis of the inventories of materials and production of the companies. In the course of the study an analysis of the definitions of inventories is made in the Russian Accounting Regulation "Inventory Accounting" (RAR 5/2012), IAS 2, US GAAP, and the impact of the differences in the list of indicators included in the reserves under the RAR and IFRS on the financial status of the organizations in the list of indicators. A technique is proposed to analyze the inventories of the organization. KEY WORDS: IAS 2, RAR 5/01, analyses of material and production inventories, material resources of the enterprises, accounting inventories. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

87. TITLE: Problems in determining the fair value of intellectual property in accounting practice. AUTHORS: Ilnaz F. Gazizov, Olga E. Kovryzhnykh, Oksana A. Akhmadeeva. ABSTRACT. The article examines the peculiarities of intellectual property valuation (IPO). It must be borne in mind that when determining the value of a product as intellectual property, it is necessary to know that an essential characteristic of the market of intellectual products is not the circulation of the objects themselves, but the rights to use them. The article analyzes the methods to determine the fair value of an object of intellectual property in the practice of the Russian Accounting System (RAS). KEY WORDS: Russian Accounting System, intellectual property, valuation, research and development. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

88. TITLE: Upgrade of the professional adaptation and employment algorithm of university graduates. AUTHORS: Tamara P. Belikova, Natalja O. Gordeeva, Irina I. Palasheva, Tatjana A. Syrovatskaja. ABSTRACT. Preparing graduates for the realities of the modern labor market is the most important challenge of a higher educational institution, since such indicator as “the level of employment of university graduates” is one of the main criteria for education efficiency and its competitiveness. The paper reveals the directions for improving the adaptation and employment control algorithm of graduates through the use of a graduate’s automated workplace. KEY WORDS: employment of graduates, professional adaptation, algorithm. RUSSIA.

89. TITLE: Forming the availability of Engineers-Managers to innovative activity for High-Tech Industry. AUTHORS: Guliya N. Akhmetzyanova, Irina I. Frolova, Angelina O. Bagateeva. ABSTRACT: The article shows several approaches to the definition of innovative activity. According to different authors, the term "innovative activity" is considered as a type of activity, a process, a system of activities. The article presents the structure of components of a model of a specialist available for the innovative activity. The interpretation of the author of the structural components of the availability of engineers-managers to the innovative activity for the high-tech industry is presented. The relationship between all the components is defined. The result of the developed model of an engineer-manager for the high-tech industry provides a specialist that combines engineering training with knowledge in the field of management. KEY WORDS: engineer-manager, availability, innovative activity, high-tech industry, innovation sector. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

90. TITLE: Increase in the efficiency of the operation of vehicle inspection companies. AUTHOR: Polina A. Buyvol, Larisa M. Gabsalikhova, Irina V. Makarova, Eduard M. Mukhametdinov. ABSTRACT: The current level of saturation of megacities with road transport is a serious problem in the field of environmental and road safety. The article is dedicated to the development of a management system for the technical inspection of vehicles designed to improve the efficiency of service processes. The stages and the algorithm of the technological process of technical inspection of motorized transport are considered and compiled. The structure of the information management system for technical inspection is developed, which will simplify the work of the company as a whole. The management system is proposed. KEY WORDS: information management system, simulation model, technical inspection. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

91. TITLE: Technique of determination of the optimum price of purchased components. AUTHORS: Il'nur I. Farkhoutdinov, Aleksei G. Isavnin. ABSTRACT: Among the important and widespread restrictions of the development of production outsourcing in Russia is the position of supplier monopoly, reason for the appearance of the uncontrollable increase in prices and the poor quality of the purchased components of a product. The authors develop the technique of determining the acceptable and economic price of the future purchased component of a product taking into account serial deliveries. The results of the work are of interest to the heads of large industrial companies, and useful for scientific research in the field of supply. This work is applicable for the determination of the optimal price of the future purchased component of a product and for the determination of the acceptable price for products from alternative suppliers. KEY WORDS: industrial outsourcing, subcontracting, pricing, economic effect, investment expenses. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

92. TITLE: Evaluation of the efficiency of the technique of the Launch Simplification Device of the automobile cold engine. AUTHORS: Ilnar F. Suleimanov, Damir A. Kharlyamov, Aleksandr T. Kulakov, Ruslan F. Kalimullin, Alexander V. Kazakov. ABSTRACT. The article reveals the contradiction between the traditional approach and the one proposed for the evaluation of the efficiency of the cold engine launching simplification device (CCELSD) technique, conditioned by the need to take into account the wear processes of the moving element. during startup. A new approach is proposed to evaluate the effectiveness of CCELSD, based on the ability of these devices to reduce the wear of mobile elements, presenting a new methodology for evaluating the efficiency of CCELSD, which takes into account changes in the rate wear of the crankshaft bearing in the start-up mode by the indicators of the lubrication process. KEY WORDS: start-up devices, car engine, start-up mode, heat treatment, lubrication process. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN, RUSSIA.

93. TITLE: The development and research of technology of the block of cylinders casting. AUTHORS: Denis I. Valeev, Nikolay N. Safronov, Lenar R. Kharisov. ABSTRACT. The article presents a unique way of obtaining of cylinder blocks castings made of gray cast iron without the use of standard equipment. The technology makes it possible to produce castings in the small-scale production mode without significant capital costs, which is very important in the absence of long-term investments and sanctions for Russian defense enterprises and heavy engineering. The article analyzes the operation mode of the cylinder block casting, in accordance with this, the casting material is selected. The impossibility of casting obtaining of cylinders block R6 based on traditional technology for V8 is substantiated. The new method for forming internal cavities and external surfaces of a casting with the use of dispersed waste of machine-building enterprises is proposed. The heat treatment mode for removing internal stresses and stabilizing the casting size has been developed. The methods for correcting defects in castings are proposed. KEY WORDS: cylinder block, rods for castings, gray cast iron, heat treatment, the defect correction of castings. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

94. TITLE: Formation of the Topologically Connected Polygonal Model in CAM software for CNC machines. AUTHORS: Rustam R. Miftakhov, Evgenij V. Zubkov. ABSTRACT: This document describes a real problem in the field of 3d modeling in automated systems for the preparation of control programs for CNC machines, widely used in machine building companies. The efficiency of the CAM system was improved by guaranteeing the accuracy of the topology and the quality of the polygonal models used. The general algorithm of the solution consists of nine stages to guarantee the flexibility of design and debugging. An experiment was carried out with several polygonal models, which confirmed the correction and efficiency of the developed algorithm. The proposed algorithm has a universal character from the point of view of its use in 3d modeling. KEY WORDS: algorithm, polygonal model, 3D modeling, machine building, CNC machines. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

95. TITLE: Control vector for ice automated test and diagnostic system. AUTHORS: Lenar A. Galiullin, Rustam A. Valiev. ABSTRACT. In modern society, the problems of saving fuel and energy resources are exacerbated. Road transport is becoming more expensive and one of the biggest sources of pollution. Modern automobile construction is on track to improve the economic, environmental and operational performance of engines. This is mainly due to the use of modern electronic control systems. In the process of operation and use there is a deterioration of its efficiency indicators. In this sense, in order to keep the engine in good condition and to identify opportunely the deviations in the parameters that lead to a deterioration of its performance, the ICE test system is the leader due to scientific validity and excellence. KEY WORDS: engine, diagnostic, test, neural network, fuzzy logic. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.

96. TITLE: Influence of noise pollution of motor transport on the state of the environment of urban areas. AUTHORS: Irina V. Makarova, Vadim G. Mavrin, Kirill A. Magdin. ABSTRACT: The growth of the urban population was so rapid that the environment of many cities in the world can no longer satisfy many of the biological and social needs of people. The article is devoted to the analysis of noise pollution of traffic flows. It was observed that noise from traffic flows is the greatest danger to human health, since motorized transport. To analyze the state of the environment, field studies of a large city were conducted. As a result of the measurements, it was found that the sound level exceeds the acceptable maximum at any measured value of the intensity of the flow and the distance from the road. KEY WORDS: environmental safety, environmental impact, road traffic, noise pollution. REPUBLIC OF TATARSTAN.