Year I, Publication no.3, January 2014.

"Contemporary dilemmas: Education, Politics and Values" is pleased to present to its readers and collaborators edition: Year I, publication no.3, January 2014. This e-journal is inserted in the national and international context with articles, that deal with academic and research activities of professionals, who develop their daily activities in the working areas of this journal. Thanks a lot for your preference.

1. La Educación Ambiental en la Educación Superior. Un estudio de caso.pdf (250534). Autora: Máster Aimé Isabel Rodríguez Roig. Abstract: A pedagogical research was done in order to design a curricular strategy to strengthen the environmental education in the formative process of the Health Technology careers. Theoretical, empirical and mathematical-statistic methods were used in the research process, allowing characterize the esential theoretical and methodological fundamentals of the environmental education, as well as to diagnose the formative process and design the curricular strategy, according to the peculiarities and necessities of each career addressed to the acquisition of knowledge, the development of capacities, and the formation of values that favour the social and professional behavior consistent with the sustainable development. The consultation with experts/specialists proved the correspondence between the design of the strategy and its objective.  CUBA.

2. Estrategia didáctica para el proceso enseñanza-aprendizaje de la asignatura Español en estudiantes ingresados de la enseñanza secundaria.pdf (266,9 kB). Autor: Lic. Sergio Manuel Luna Montero. Abstract: The article makes reference to a didactic strategy based on the Approach of Social Practices of Language, the Socio-Cultural Approach and the Hospital Pedagogy to favour the accomplishment of the didactic functions: motivation, new content presentation, its consolidation and sistematization, which is aimed at improving the Spanish teaching-learning process in in-patient Secondary School students at a pediatric ward in the General Hospital from the Mexico State Security and Social Service Institute in Metepec, Mexico State. MEXICO.

3. La formación de competencias específicas en la Licenciatura en Enfermería.pdf (281,7 kB). Autora: Máster Belkis Salabarría Roig. Abstract: The present pedagogical research on technological development, based on the qualitative paradigm, had the objective of establishing functions, tasks, knowledge and attitudes that respond to the Bachelor in Nursing specific competences. CUBA.

4. Experiencias en la formación ambiental de los Adultos Mayores para enfrentar los eventos meteorológicos extremos en el Consejo Popular Pogolotti-Finlay-Belén del municipio Marianao. Cuba.pdf (292,9 kB). Autor: Máster José Fernández Olivera. Abstract: Elder people transmit invaluable experiences, which contribute to the formation of the new generations, while at the mean time, they go on educating themselves in correspondence to the content and social process in which they live. In this article, elder people experiences are explained, which were put into practice in the Pogolotti-Finlay-Belen Popular Council, Marianao municipality, Cuba to face extreme meteorological events. MEXICO.

5. El Bullying, la dolorosa realidad del acoso escolar.pdf (191,3 kB). Autor: Lic.Olav André Geijs. Abstract: This article makes an assessment of nowadays´ importance of the topic called "School harassment" or "Bullying", and of some studies undertook about this topic. School harassment is simply defined as those negative actions from different types that a student (the bully or aggressor) or several of them repeatedly and for a time undertake against another student (the victim), This topic is actually evident in a growing number of researches that have been developed from different areas such as Psychology, Sociology, as well as Pedagogy. These researches constitute an obliged starting point to go on deepening on other educational contexts in different school levels. PAÍSES BAJOS.