"Contemporary dilemmas: Education, Politics and Values" is pleased to present to readers and collaborators its three-times in the year edition in the months of january, may and september, seen on this page, in the first 3 days of each month mentioned. The admission process of each edition starts from january 4th to april 10th, may 4th to august 10th, and september 4th to december 10th. Each of the editions is inserted in the national and international context with articles that deal with academic and research activities of professionals, that develop their daily tasks in the working areas of the journal. Thank you very much for your preference.

Edition 2018. See articles:

Year V, publication no.2 (January, 2018).

Edition 2017. See articles:

Year V, publication no.1 (September, 2017)

Year IV, publication no.3 (May, 2017).

Year IV, publication no.2 (January, 2017).

Edition 2016. See articles:

Year IV, publication no.1 (September, 2016).

Year III, publication no.3 (May, 2016).

Year III, publication no.2 (January, 2016).

Special Edition 2015. See articles:

Special Edition (February,  2015).

Edition 2015. See articles:

Year III, publication no.1 (September, 2015).

Year II, publication no.3 (May, 2015).

Year II, publication no. 2 (January, 2015).

Edition 2014. See articles:

Year II, publication no.1 (September, 2014).

Year I, publication no.4 (May, 2014).

Year I, publication no.3 (January, 2014).

Edition 2013. See articles: 

Year I, publication no.2 (September, 2013). 

Year I, publication no.1 (May, 2013).